Top 3 Men’s Underwear Secrets Revealed

One amazing fact about Sloggi men’s underwear is that it is not only a necessity but also a conscious fashion piece. Even though an undergarment remains concealed majority of the time, surprisingly, fashion models show that it can be an expression of oneself. There are men who can comfortably put on risqué wear like the G-strings and can be said to be very different from those who stick to the conservative boxers. Underwear can therefore tell a lot concerning the behavioral aspects of a man.

Lucky underwear is common among men

A lot of guys visit Sloggi men’s to find their ‘lucky’ undergarment but this doesn’t make them superstitious. The secret fad is a pair of innerwear made of cotton plus a luck blend. This idea has been there since a long time ago and looks like it will never go out of fashion. Actually, it is very prominent these days more than people expect. Research shows that most men put own the lucky wear while a smaller percentage put on them during nerve-wracking events such as a job interview or a first date. The reason that makes a pair of underwear lucky is only known to the wearer. It could be the physical appeal, sentiments, or how it feels on the body. However, some people think that it is a question of confidence rather than good luck.

Some men allow other people to pick their underwear

Apart from the sexy pair men receive from their intimate partners, they also get some from other people. These people include matriarchal individuals e.g. mother in laws. In most cases, such underwear are superhero designs.

Men who fear change do not buy new pairs

Some men are attached to one pair of undergarment they get from Sloggi underwear in UK while the majority of men have 2 to 5 pairs. Research shows that some men who do not like changes keep underwear 2 to 3 times longer than they could remain in their current job.

The above facts are tried and tested results from studies on long term underwear habits of men.