With the Wind it came, but left Ows

I had been waiting for the Windows 10 update for my Lumia for it seems like eternity. And, one day, plop — I get the update notification. How relieved I was when I got the notification. So much, that I sat the whole night up. But it took a few days to install.

And, then
Well, first of all, after the installation, I didn’t find my mail boxes. After quite a lot of hunting, almost two days, I found them. All my mail boxes were bunched under the app Outlook Mail.
2) Then, I found that the Office app was uninstalled. And, I am still hunting. Let me know if you have a trick up your sleeve on this one.
3) Next, there was a very good facility that I (among many other Windows fans) had asked for and got it after the Windows 8.1 update — searching inside the folders. This was a request that was fulfilled by MS very well. It allowed you to hunt for messages just like you would search on the net. Give specifics and voila, the gennie would give you results.
4) Finally, the most essential utility of the phone, that is making calls has become a tedious job. And mostly, this happens when I am trying to call a family member (wonder whether MS is keeping a tab on all my contacts). And, other related functions like blocking unwanted calls which were quite impressive features were not working.
5) Windows Phone OS is known for its light UI and nimble-footedness. But not the Windows 10 updates that are part of the Insider programme. And of course, if you are on the fast ring, it is another ball game, literally. You have signed up knowing the cons.

Actually, this update is more exciting and lets people like me know what is up — what goes into the making of a beautiful OS. Though someone said, ‘Nobody likes to see how the sausage is made’, I beg to differ. My salaam (salute) to those people who are working hard on this. Unlike other updates, these Insider ones make me eagerly look forward to see the final product.

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