On June 19th, 2019, a new blockchain called Algorand will start the sale of its native tokens; ‘Algos’. This article provides a summary of some of Algorand’s properties and particularly reflects on its token dynamics, the upcoming token sale and some possible implications for its future.

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What is Algorand?

Initially, Algorand introduced itself as the “blockchain for business”, but lately has changed its narrative to the ‘borderless economy’. A lot of Algorand’s fame so far is related to its founder Silvio Micali, a professor in computer science at MIT that was granted the Turing Award (more popularly known as the ‘Nobel Prize of computing’) in 2012. Micali was one of the creators of zero knowledge proofs, a cryptographic protocol that can be used to prove to another party that you know something, without having to share the underlying information itself. …

Comparing Bitcoin and Cardano

Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of the technology company that is building Cardano (Input Output Hong Kong, IOHK), has recently stated that “Cardano will be a 100 times more decentralized than Bitcoin”. …

Since I described a name change and that I was joining the Medium Partner program in my last post, this may come as a bit of a surprise, but I’ve decided to stop writing Medium articles for now. As a result, I will not be able to comply with the content creator criteria for the Cardano ambassador program, and thus will also be stepping down from that. This post will be quite short, but since I know some people follow me for my posts, I figured I would at least explain my choice.

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For the past nine months, I’ve written several articles on crypto, most of them about Cardano. Some of the most read articles were Cardano — The self-sovereign economy of the future?, Unraveling the Myths of Cardano’s nomenclature and How secure is Cardano?, but I received a lot of positive responses on more general article What gives cryptocurrencies value? as well. I’ve always enjoyed writing these articles — and still do. It’s a good practice to articulate the things you just learned in an article, but it helps validate your findings as well, as people tend to tell you when you’re wrong. And off course it’s always nice when other people enjoy your work and find it useful, as good content is very important for this very young industry. …



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