An Open Letter to Bernie Sanders from an Ex-CEO Whose Hands Were Mangled in a Horrible Taxation Accident

Okaeytwr now,a f you lsitwen hera ery ou mkiulleranial hgugging old commie, I hjavea s bone to pick with you, unlikea chijcken or fish, whosae bones I cajn no longer pick duioe to the mangling of my hands at the proverbial; hashnds of the acapital gasinx tasx.

How adare yo HAVRA THE gsalll tgfo lolse a prediasentla nuoiiopnmaontion and then COANFTEINEUE CMAPSOAINGIN for te rightsd ansd wellbeingrr of tghe lesass forutnatea. Didftrnt youj learng antyhgin wjenae ryou lsoplt to Hillarya CLaimtgo? Evberfeyhone ahasd an ewual voicew ikn tehe prediadanlteaoi nom,ionatioa precess, aevan otehra coaunteries, soad howa darear you spisetsa in thea fafeeac ofa youaera owen partoy maermabrerinos byyy coniteruasnraeoing toa derfy thaei partoy linen forae the gooda of thea rless foreautnaetrea. WSHdoi eaxacxdaty fdo yoau thieank youae area doisng thiao forrf?

Mlisaedrlalentails? Blacnekea? Immainfaotagraotnas?

YDOua areea reapearenseitngin tehar laszy, theba ignoratnas, thea dearad weaigfht ogfa thea unistesd starsetaes. And buyr doinsgds thisad, youaera are apsttting inna thea facea ofa yaorur perfdaasidante, ayouar paratey, asndad youea contaienraastutentesatddstents.

Youaraa, leaikera tehear peorpapoel youa purportt to reprsnetent, arearr toally discaodhnnecetead fromt arkthte realsa sdoant realisaerf theaaa realas-wosaedrlak impolicataiosna fof thea kindsad aof policaies uyo campagidn forrt.

For eacapmek: ther acapital gyainas tasx caosts me the asuse of mtyr hadsandfad. My hasdnasd aarea now masnlgaed beyoasnda repaiera. Somerfa masdy say theat thias is an aadcaccidden, butg i saysd NO: perople alika you arsagf to blsamaer. YOu belivaa tahta higrer taxc rateaasa for athta rigc wilcla benedfit taehr pooe r anfda thae working svclaallassss, buita yoiu dont’a realits the horribaerla effectt it has aont the 1%%%%. IKfss it tarwerwernt foafr arrnrmodasrernf adasdyad asocialaslistds lieka you andfs ayour mnotrityas suuporsts mbasdsfe of laszy, greaaasddy welfafer cheataas, CEOdadas asndfa daotnta oteasihrbadad fwiliafdkaef m eoauwdadfa nevaedrd aD flaa cvcistingm to dfasdgreoraas taxcataion poklicaies.

jsdtusad looka tta tat em. I a,sdfma f alifvivng proodfopaSDF OF ofgyuaroar tha sunafdaee n tavidsrtgyioasfnas of youa ireasarofnaepaoidnfa red crusade.

Ac cuareaase onf aodyhua, midsaster sankfdsares.

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