Free Tweet Templates for Adults Interested in Tweeting About “Adulting”

Being a grown up, am I right?

The things that were one way when you were a kid are now different ways, and you, an adult, have the cognitive capacity to comprehend those differences — so what better way to express those observations than with a good, entertaining Tweet? It’s likely that other adults have also noticed how when you’re an adult there are things you have to deal with that are not the same things as the things you had to deal with when you were growing up, which means that your Tweet will have a ready-made audience of adults all interested in how being an adult is cool, interesting, and importantly, different from being a child.

If you’ve never Tweeted about Adulting™ before, or are having trouble coming up with ideas concerning Adulting™, feel free to use or adapt any of the following samples penned by yours truly (an adult):

I am currently dieting, which is a thing I never had to do as a child. Golly gee, isn’t being an adult so irksome?
Ha ha ha ha, although I am currently an adult, I am not mentally equipped to deal with employment, bills, and other responsibilities that come with being an adult even though these are things that I have been capable of handling up until the current moment in time and will likely be capable of handling for the foreseeable future
I require (((ƫħę ċőƒʄęĕ)))
I have obtained (((ƫħę ċőƒʄęĕ)))
I am now [current age] and have just realized that time exists. Woe is me, for time exists! Why did nobody tell me about time existing?
It appears that I am irresponsible for [reason]. Being the adult that I am is such a difficult thing to do on account of my being so irresponsible!
Who else enjoyed [thing that overwhelming majority of children enjoyed during the period of time during which you were a child]? Surely it can’t be just me! Whoops, time to grab another (((ƫħę ċőƒʄęĕ)))!
Money that I would have liked to spend on [frivolous purchase] has been unforeseeably reappropriated due to [foreseeable pre-existing responsibility]! Gosh darn! #Adulting
Le adulting? How does I do that? [Image of cat]

I hope that you, an adult, found some inspiration here for your future adult Tweeting endeavors. And as a bonus, if ever you’re short on ideas but nonetheless desperate to inform the world that you are currently an adult who used to be a child but is now an adult and has adult responsibilities, I recommend that you check out the totally real, ongoing, and wholly unironic conversation about Adulting™.

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