Musical Time Capsule

I moved out to Los Angeles four years ago. About a year before the move, I had broken up with my long term girlfriend and was itching for a change. Part of me knew that I needed to go west to seek my fortune.

President Obama had just been inaugurated for his second term. I was taking steps to push my career and life further. The sun was shining bright, and I was listening to Smallpools, Betty Who, Capital Cities, and the new Daft Punk album.

Four years later, my career has had ups and downs. Fits and starts. Like every career out here in Los Angeles. I feel like I’m on the verge of another great start, with great opportunities and wonderful ideas swirling in my brain.

But we’re in a very different world now. A darker world. A world where we feel under constant attack and have four more years of it to look forward to. It makes it hard to keep up your energy, your enthusiasm. Why should I improve myself if the world is going to hell?

It’s times like these I go back to the music I was listening when I move out here. Music is a time capsule, and it captures those feelings of boundless opportunity, of progress.

I captured them to break in case of emergency, and if there has ever been an emergency time, it’s now. Because I need to remind myself that those times existed. They WERE real. They are truth. The world was getting better and can still BE better.

I hope that you have a time capsule like that. Some egg of opportunity and possibility that you can crack open to remind yourself what you’re fighting for.

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