Chinese(?) fashion: whither Taiwan?
Jin Lim

very interesting article! the “they’re all the same” view jessica enumerated resonates with me. (a) i have on the same blinkers towards white people as white people have towards east asia. i found out only in the past two years that nicole kidman isn’t either european or american (and frankly don’t care), and other than readily identifiable brands for linguistic reasons (gucci, LV) i had no idea where in the world vivenne westwood comes from (now i do) so i can totally understand why the fashion industry of 1.4bn people casts a long shadow over that of 23mm people in the eyes of people from a whole different continent. dominant global power dynamics at play here… and (b) i didn;t really take note of a separate taiwanese (or taiwanese american) fashion style/trend/industry — part of it was, it’s not as well-known or distinctive a style as brit vs american vs french vs japanese; part of it was, i know taiwan from personal experience as a place to shop for cheap trendy clothes (wufenpu, etc) more than couture; yet another part was, i kept seeing the japanese influence in stuff i got from taiwan, so just went straight to the root i.e. japan for the expensive stuff…

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