How to Tell a Brilliant Lie and Get Away With It

All of us at some point had experienced the need to get away with a lie because 1.) You do not want to hurt the person you are lying to. 2.) You simply do not want the person to know the truth. In these cases, there are multiple ways and tricks to not necessarily fool the person but rather make the person believe that you are actually telling the truth. Read down below to find out.

  1. Believe your lie. You won’t be able to recreate the perfect one if you do not put your heart into it. Just make sure to note yourself afterwards that you fabricated the lie and it is not real.
  2. Once you believe your lie, look at the person right in the eye but do not overdo it. I stress that you do NOT overdo it to the point that you are glaring at the person. Simply look long enough in the eyes during the duration of the main chunk of your lie and you are free to look away after you have pointed your main ideas out.
  3. After you have done the lying, make a mental note of what you have said. To this person, I have said this and that. Later in time, the individual might ask you the same question and you might be confused as if you have said the lie or not. Originally, it’s easier to tell the truth most of the time but tell a lie only when you need to. It’s easier that way.

*more editing to be added*

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