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Newsflash, jerkface (hopefully a nicer alternative to what you deem slurs), sexual minorities and couples have always been in the military. There’s a reason there used to be a specific brand of jokes about the Navy. People in close quarters are going to get attached, and often relationships are going to form. Trans people have always enlisted at a shockingly high rate, even before they were allowed to serve openly. Evidence suggests this holds true for most of history- see the story of James Barry. The Women’s Corp used to be a haven for lesbians. Recent developments just allow LGBT service members to be upfront about their identity, and help protect the military overall from complications. It’s a lot safer to have a trans service member getting legitimate medical care than stressing off and binding unsafely on their off days. It’s infinitely preferable to have commanding officers made aware of who you’re in a relationship with, so you can request a transfer to avoid chain of command issues, and properly share benefits. Now there are regulations in place to prevent relationships within platoons and squadrons, and given that the old solutions to that inevitable happenstance were “witch hunt and a dishonorable discharge” and “pretend it isn’t happening” things might actually improve for the military. Hell, it might even help them better police rape cases (which again, have always happened regardless of the gender makeup of the group).

I’m not going to dignify your comments about women in the military or gay couples parenting with a response, because I don’t feel like spending all day picking apart the research, but I suspect I know your sources and suggest you look for a more well rounded picture.

You might not be hateful, but your beliefs are actively hurting people trying to get jobs, raise families, and access healthcare. You should try to get a better picture of the subjects you try to have opinions on.

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