The age of Digital Humans is closer than you think!

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Screenshot of video: Magic Leap introduces MICA: AI Avatar

Over the past week, a video of Magic Leap’s Mica, an AI Avatar, went viral with over 100 000 views by people curious about how far we can push current-day tech to create realistic Digital Human representations. As the speaker puts it, Mica is a “Human-centred AI that evokes natural reactions from us. Her facial elements are what connect you to her.” One of the viewer’s comments below the video reads: “We are about to reach the summit on the other side of the uncanny valley.”

FaceMe is really excited about Magic Leap’s vision: a world in which we interact with Digital Humans on a daily basis as part of a layered digital fabric integrated into everyday life. Mica is a prototype personal assistant — and at the conference, Magic Leap made it clear that they want to see companies like FaceMe solving for the democratization of these experiences on their operating system. Our Intelligent Digital Human Platform is already supporting web, mobile, kiosk and phone experiences and we see the Magic Leap OS as a natural extension of our available channels.

Mica is a great execution of an ultra-high-quality, real-time rendered model who took two years to bring to life. From what they have shared, their approach has been like most game studios and entertainment companies, where they have a team dedicated to building a lot of manual and scripted animation (incl motion capture) and months of character artistry. The result is often great quality, but limited to a one-off purpose. This is not a scalable model that will support many business to follow suit or allow for multiple on-the-fly changes.

FaceMe’s Intelligent Digital Human Platform has democratized the ‘Mica’ experience, taking the all-important ‘leap’ (excuse the pun) beyond what movies and games are achieving with scripted and captured performances. Also strikingly ‘real’, FaceMe’s platform allows customers to design, build and deliver a customised Digital Human experience — including brand-elements brought to life through persona, face, appearance and voice in a matter of weeks. We’ve pushed the boundaries of machine cognition, using our AI technology, to deliver a hyper-realistic, personalized experience with real-time speech and behaviour that responds to external stimuli. Our Digital Humans are already working for some of the world’s largest brands, including UBS bank and telco giant Vodafone. The research and development involved in such an undertaking is incredibly intensive as is solving for both the creation process and the real-time experience. Mica’s introduction is another validation of the future and highlights just how far ahead the FaceMe platform is today.

We’re excited about Digital Humans like Mica and we hope she’ll offer us even further advancements around eye tracking and other features to the developer community. We agree with the speaker: “The guide in interface is unmistakable.” Mica, we wish you all the best as you scale the summit!

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