An Open Letter To You
talia jane

I’m posting this here not to be mean, but to save anyone who is considering donating their hard earned money.

Many of us who live in the bay area don’t spend money on an iphone6, nice bourbon, or our own apartments while working our first jobs out of college. That’s the unfortunate reality of the bay area, not necessarily minimum wage at large. The trade off is that you are in the center of the tech bubble with access to great opportunities if you are willing to work hard (yes, for a whole year. or more)

Talia, I really do empathize with your situation and hope that you will appreciate the conversation you started, take some of the criticism as constructive and use the funds you’ve been donated to get on your feet, find a new job, and work hard. I hope that you learn from this experience.

Everyone else, I hope you review the link and Thalia’s twitter posts below before contributing any more time or money to this article.

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