Call For Applications

Comprised of twelve individuals dedicated to advancing the mission of UNESCO, the Youth Working Group (YWG) connects youth across the world to opportunities that allow them to affect global change. Since its start in 2010, the YWG has advised UNESCO, made valuable connections with global change leading partners, and worked closely with the US state department. We serve to facilitate cross-cultural communication and to provide a number of platforms which open doors for youth engagement.

We are a collective of 12 young change makers who have set out to advance progress in the U.S. and abroad. We run projects that engage young people in various paths to progress, from peacebuilding to sustainable development.

Entering its seventh year, the YWG is expanding and is looking to add new members to broaden our base of insights and experiences. To grow our projects, we are looking for talented youth to fill the following roles: Graphic Designer, Marketing and Social Media Manager, Tech Head, and Curriculum Developer. We are also bringing on enthusiastic young leaders outside of these roles to focus on supporting projects, connecting dots, and developing their own initiatives.

What do YWG Members Do?

Team members participate in periodic conference calls to promote UNESCO’s mission and to create platforms for youth engagement.

Group members’ roles range from leading a project, to assisting other group members in project execution, to communicating with partner organizations.

Call for Applications

Access the application at

Applications are open to US citizens ages 18–27.

Questions can be sent to

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