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Unevent is an ecosystem enabler that want to create a common space to evolve for the entire ecosystem.

We are working to organize high level experiences for professionists and organizations in order to support their evolution and creating new synergies.

What does “high level experiences” means?

We believe that traditional training are not able to face up the growing complexity and it’s often based on theoric skills that, at the end of the training, don’t allow us to know how to use that skills.

We want to create a space where you can safely test your skill, know new people and create synergies, get out your comfort zone and be surprised! …

Share your experience

Share stories, experiences, moments of growing of your life with the ecosystem.
Unevent is born from the desire to support professionals and organizations in their evolution, trying to undermine what is traditional training, developing high-level experiential events and becoming enablers of new synergies within the ecosystem.

How to write on Unevent

STEP 1: Create your account at, if you do not have already one.

STEP 2: Draft your story directly on Medium & when you’re done, send it to

STEP 3: Sit back and relax, we will be in touch soon & facilitate your contribution to Unevent.

Condividi la tua esperienza

Condividi storie, esperienze, momenti di crescita della tua vita con l’ecosistema.
Unevent nasce dal desiderio di supportare professionisti e organizzazioni nella loro evoluzione, cercando di scardinare ciò che è la formazione tradizionale, sviluppando eventi esperienziali di alto livello e diventando abilitatori di nuove sinergie all’interno dell’ecosistema. …



We support professionals and organizations in their evolution by organizing high-level experiential events.

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