A Curious Age To Break Into

Twenty five is a curious age to break into. It’s the age that pointedly reminds you through subtle social pressure that, you are getting dangerously due on the Indian middle class dream of “making it in life”. It’s the point of time you see most of the “free spirits” your age shedding their luminous outer wrappings and decide making a living involves politely emailing other people objective reasons they had to be screwed over, on behalf of Flipkart. It’s a glorious time when moms constantly embarrass the shit out of you during family dinners by suggesting your personality would ultimately lead to your future bride kicking you ass multiple times a day. And it just gets exponentially worse when you realise you have zero idea what you want to do with your life.

Why doesn’t the internet realize that constantly throwing “you can be anything you want to be” at an average Indian middle class youth is quite simply stupid, expensive and often painful? Our lives are being lived in a hyper-connected society that literally makes the theory of “the butterfly effect” come true. But that was the case for a long time now. For every two bit douchebag in Bollywood trying to swindle money through an over the top movie premise, the Indian middle class used to sacrifice a grotesquely young and tragically ambitious chaiwallah to a movie set in Mumbai. The question of deciding your own place among this mass of 1.2 billion people is a question that often reeks of futility. It’s a question that arises from a childhood obsession with Paulo Coelho’s magical realism and a heavy sense of narcissism adapted from a comfortable upbringing.

Shouldn’t turning 25 convince you that you aren’t special? You have spent 9125 days on this earth not having tamed a single wild bear through the sheer force of your personality. No fluffy unicorn living on rainbows has recognised how special you are and extended a tail of friendship yet. Isn’t it time to accept that you are no better than the rest of them suckers who are sacrificing a few hours off their lives, just to keep eating what they like to eat? In the end, what you never understood was that the teeming obscurity of civil society was exactly what provided you the flexibility to not want to join it. Mindless nihilism FTW!