The Unexpected Yogi Detox 2017

This challenge came in a lull in my fitness life — my favorite yoga teacher was out of town for several weeks, an online yoga community that I LOVE was going to embark on an awesome detox that was going to cost over $100 to be a part of (literally impossible for a nonprofit salary budget that I’m currently on), and I needed some motivation to lose a few pounds before I headed home for a week filled with good food, family, and less exercising than I’m used to. Enter, the Unexpected Yogi Detox. First thought of on a lazy Sunday morning, I sketched it out, made a daily plan, started looking up recipes, and a week later I was eating dumplings from the amazing Vanessa’s Dumplings as a last supper of sorts in anticipation of the first day of the 18 day detox.

So what exactly is the Unexpected Yogi Detox?

I designed this detox to be adaptable to your interests/ goals/ comfort zones, so the outline below can be adapted to fit your personal needs!

Here we go:

An important initial question: Why 18 days? The number 108 is holy in yogic tradition and 18 is contrived from 108. 108 is also holy in Jewish tradition. The combining of these two important elements, along with the alignment with the Spring equinox, as well as a doable, reasonable time, made 18 my magic number.

What does it mean to do the yoga detox? Here’s your answer:


  1. Yoga every day. Every. Damn. Day.

This is the main tenant of the Unexpected Yogi Detox. Some days it was a 20 minute bedtime yoga practice (shout out to The Journey Junkie!) and sometimes it was an hour and a half long class at my amazing gym. Doesn’t matter how long or where, what matters is that you do it.

2. At least 10,000 steps every day.

I’m a Fitbit fanatic, but this was about ensuring that I got myself moving more than I normally would. It also encouraged me to incorporate more regular cardio into my life. During the detox, I made it through three weeks of my amazing Couch to 5k app (which I ~finally~ finished for the first time!) and incorporated signficantly more walking into my regular life. I’m tempted to adjust it to 12,000 steps for my next detox!


  1. Every meal (or almost every meal…) should be homemade.

I’m a regular cooker — I try to make my meals at home almost every day. But there’s also an amazing Empanada restaurant just downstairs and a super inexpensive dumpling restaurant around the corner. The goal here was to cut out the temptation, save some money, and focus on a healthy, clean eating diet.

2. Try to avoid as much dairy and gluten as possible.

This was a tough one and, not gonna lie, I cheated a few times, but the goal here was to really eat clean and healthy by focusing on eating mainly fruits and vegetables (plus I wanted to challenge myself and cutting out dairy and gluten seemed pretty damn hard). Instead, focus on eating as many fruits and veggies as possible!


  1. Meditate every day.

This was a scary one and a new one for me, but I want to be more in tune with myself as I continue on this weight loss journey, and I want to encourage an awareness and ability to appreciate and connect with myself and with my body. It was challenging, and I’m no master, but I got a lot out of it nonetheless. I highly recommend checking out meditations from the Journey Junkie, Yoga Nidra podcasts, Headspace, and Insight Timer — all great resources for guided meditation.

2. Do one thing that scares you at least once a week.

Cliche? yes. Worth it? yes. Life is scary, and sometimes that scariness feels uncontrollable (and often because it is) but trying out one thing that scared me each week of the detox allowed me to slowly build up confidence to face my fears.

9 categories. 2 requirements each. 18 days.

I did it, and you can too.