Dual world

How was your reaction when you heard the first time light exhibited a dual nature? Do you remember? Well my geek self was totally awwed!

Anyway, that question was out of context here. Just wanted to remind you of duality and it’s existence in the most unexpected forms within our lives.

As I traverse through this journey, I see it happening in front of my eyes. Everything, literally everything has multiple forms or rather I should say nothing is absolute, especially at the scale we live.

Every damn thing has a right and wrong attached. Say if I do nothing today and for many days to come, I might be enjoying the so called “freedom” in my life, but at the same time I could have done some useful contributions instead. If I help a poor today, I might have saved a person from starving or may be I just encouraged someone to live as he has been living by not making situations extreme for him, by getting him adjusted to his way of life.

People take drugs, no this is utterly bad for health, but at the same time, at least somebody explored what all exists.

A person makes huge money, wow what a richie rich he is, and at the same time he would hardly have time to explore other aspects of life.

I don’t get through a day without encountering one or the other manifestation of this duality. It is that persistent.

There is absolutely no ground truth. The definition of ground truth itself might have some dual aspects attached to it. Sometimes it just feels like, what happens when simple math equations merge together to generate something complicated. IMO we are merely living those complications, those possibilities.

Just the solutions of some big Schrodinger like equation.

Maybe our lives are just answers to one grand equation. I won’t deliberate much on it. But yea, maybe some time bound equation, since we all die.

Hey, what if the purpose of our life is just to find the value of x? Where x is the number of years we will live! Haha, crazy thoughts, suddenly the entire point of great great purpose and spirit and action, all brought to zilch!

But given that we know nothing, it’s fine to assume totally anything :D

May be we all are just answers to the value of some equation. Hey, in that case our medical developments must be screwing up that equation big time. Hmm, let’s see what awaits then. Increasing life expectancy might not be that easy a task as it was anticipated after all.

This discussion also has a dual aspect to it. Either it will turn out into a total bullshit or it might just trigger your imagination! Ah, what a dual world(not essentially dual, I think it’s more of multi dimensional now, but chuck it, that’s for some other time). Anyway, just some of the mid night musings, random random thoughts.

See you in next post, hopefully sometime soon.


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