Humans and Tech

Heard this somewhere “it will be how well you work with the AI aided apps that will define your caliber for the next round of industrial revolution”- Kevin Kelly

And though we have not yet reached there, this is a pretty imaginable scenario. Just see how usage of apps has transformed us in the way we function.

The boom of apps on mobile phones has created an altogether different sector of jobs. Jobs like: Swiggy Delievery Boy, Uber Cab Driver, Vegetable Boy. And sad but the truth is most of these jobs appear kind of mechanized, with least humanity involvement.

This might have been so because of the way we have generated these jobs. Everything happens via app, and somehow adds an element of “machine” to all associated processes. Let me elaborate.

We open an app, we choose a food item and then the app tells us when it will be delivered and the food item is delivered to us in that time duration and the order gets successfully completed. This is all a mechanized process. And the human being that comes to us to deliver the food item is indeed playing a part of that process. And somehow psychologically both the parties acknowledge that. This is a new sector of jobs that is created and would have been definitely generating a new kind of psyche impact.

Adding another approach to it, ponder on this:

Both autos and Uber cabs are commuting mediums. But the way they were introduced to our lives are quite different. Somehow, the auto guy appears in a more humanly endeavor than a cab guy. Well these are mere observations and may definitely vary from person to person.

Entire point being, tech is adding a particular dimension to our lives, to the things we sense on a daily basis. The voices we hear and the views we see. And it would sure be interesting to analyze and understand how they would, if they are be affecting the human psyche.

Just a funny realization, I remember when I took my first flight, many years back, the voice of the air-hostess making announcements got stuck in my mind and kept on replaying for quite a day. If I still function like this, it is quite a possibility that if I happen to drive a cab someday, after all the trips for the first day, when I will head to my bed and try to gather some sleep the first thing that I will hear in my mind would be surely this: “You are on the fastest route despite usual traffic.” “You will reach your destination by 1:45 PM” “Take left”

Haah! And our experiences with tech continues :)