10 MUST-USE Words In Marketing Any Product or Business Online

Contained in this list are my first ten of 57 time-tested, must-use “conversion words” that will explode ANY business or nonprofit…

I guaranteed it.

When you finish reading this — you are going to say to yourself…

“I just got so much information that I just legally ripped this guy off!”

The little known content marketing tactics that I’ve shared within these pages could be worth millions of dollars of income and market share to small and large businesses alike…

It’s your decision whether or not it will be you!

These words are essential for anyone that develops marketing pieces for their business.

It could be…

These 57 conversion words will be invaluable tools for anyone involved in sales and marketing or any type of sales.

All 57 may not specifically be applicable to you, but I guarantee that whether you apply one of these words or all 57 to your marketing, it will skyrocket your results in business and you will earn more income!

Every mistake that I’ve ever made in my business was because I had no one to go to who had been there, done it, paid the price, and paid the penalty.

I assure you that what I’m going to share with you are secrets I now use on a daily basis that have brought my business record-breaking success.

Now, let’s get to it!

I’m going to share each of my top 10 “conversion words” and then give you an example of how you can use it in your marketing…


Word #1: Shocking “This is a *Shocking Offer*!

“You’re gonna be shocked out of your mind by what I’m going to allow you to steal from me today.”

Use the word shocking to grab the attention of your buyer and plant the expectation in their mind that they are going to grab a hold of an amazing offer.

Word #2: Absolutely

“When you make a decision today to do business with our company, you will absolutely get the results that you desire.”

This word erases the doubt out of the mind of the person reading your marketing material. They will know that they can depend on you.

Word #3: Equally Crazy

“Not only do you get one of my top motivational products, but what’s equally crazy is that you also get a ticket to my annual *3* Day Why Warrior Private Event. That’s equally crazy!”

You can use this word to throw an awesome bonus on top of your already unbelievable deal that you are marketing to your clients. This makes a really great crazy deal even crazier!

Word #4: Tremendous Value, Ridiculous Offer

“Today and today only I’m gonna allow you to invest in this absolutely shocking, ridiculous offer of tremendous value.”

How many of you just wanna buy something when I say that? Do you see how that works?

Word #5: Relationship Building

“My goal in my business is to build long-term relationships with my clients.”

Today, most business is referral driven. So it’s important for you to convey to your customers that you are looking to build a long-term relationship with them.

People want to hear that and want to know that they can trust you to be there when they need your products or your services.

Word #6: Must Own

I use this one a lot in my business — “This is a must own!”

For example, if you are targeting clients that want to lose weight, then try this –

“For those of you that would like to get healthier than ever before, this book written by Dr. Christa is a must own.”

That would grab the attention of anyone that wants to live a healthier life, and it’s a must own. Those two little words convey to the reader that they can’t live without that product.

Word #7: Listen

When you say listen, everyone looks up. Try this –

“Listen, pay very close attention to this.”

How does this sound? Don’t your ears automatically perk up?

That’s how you grab your clients’ attention and keep them on edge to see what you are going to say next…

#8: Best Price Ever Offered

“Tonight and tonight only, this is the best price that I’ve ever offered so you’re definitely going to want to take action on this deal.”

Your customer knows that you’ve never done a deal like this before so they better grab a hold of it now.

Word #9: This Gets the Job Done

“For those of you that would like to overcome fear, the Lifestyle Freedom Club membership gets the job done. You will overcome the fear in your life now!”

Your buyer will fully understand that investing in your services will get the job done for them and there’s no use in going anywhere else for what they want.

Word #10: Warning

“WARNING — do you have zero leads? Are you constantly frustrated about your lead flow? Then you’ll want to own our lead generating CD teaching.”

Warning (in all caps) makes the reader aware that the information they are about to see is so huge that it needs a warning label.

Every time I speak at a big event, I always put a WARNING Success Disclaimer in the very beginning of my presentation to WARN the attendees that the information that I’m going to teach them will change their lives forever.

Warn your customers that your services will bring dramatic results in their lives unlike no other.

They don’t need to go anywhere else, because you’re services are the very best on the market.

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Originally published at unfunnel.com on April 8, 2016.

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