4 Types of Prospects Who Don’t Buy (and How to Convert Each of Them)

In today’s inbound marketing mind hack, I’m going to show you The 4 Reasons Why Your Prospects Don’t Buy — And How to Overcome Them.

But before I go down that path, let’s cover your target audience profiles…

There are 3 types of people who visit your website.

  1. There are the people who are instant buyers.
  2. There are the people who are instant non-buyers — or what I call the direct non-buyers.
  3. And then there’s the indirect non-buyer — what we call the INACTIVES. These are the people who can buy, should buy, but for whatever reason, haven’t bought yet.

Regardless of your niche or what type of offer you provide, NON-BUYER PERSONAS that are so-called “INACTIVES” will always come in one of four types — we call the way we deal with these prospect the “ACID” conversion model…

Let’s cover the 4 major types of INACTIVE Prospect in detail.


The APATHETIC’s biggest barrier to buying is the fact that they’re thinking:

  • “Does this really matter to me?”

Sometimes it’s true. Sometimes it isn’t…

But the REAL reason why they feel this way is because they don’t understand what you’re offering and how it could help them.

It’s your job to show them. I’ll show you how in just a minute.

First, let’s talk about the next INACTIVE…


The CYNIC’s biggest barrier to buying is the fact they’re thinking:

  • “Who are you and why should I trust you?”

Cynics have trust problems. It’s not that they’re cynical, or paranoid, or anything like that. Often times, these people are just new to your company and they’re not sure if you’re someone they can trust… or maybe you’re another douche-bag digital marketer trying to dupe them.

They also may not be familiar with your products and services. And it’s your job to show them they can trust you.


The INSECURE’s biggest barrier to buying is themselves. Whereas THE CYNIC questions you, the worrier questions themselves.

You see, when you’re selling something, some people have internal fears about “being the type of person” who benefits from it.


  • If someone finds a GREAT new dress shirt online, but they might be thinking, “Am I the type of person who can pull this off?”
  • Or maybe business owner who knows they want to start using content marketing to grow their business, but they’re thinking, “Can this really benefit MY company?”

It’s your job to help them overcome these fears.


Their biggest barrier is, as you might have guessed, procrastination. They drag and delay MOST OR ALL of the important decisions they face in life…

This is something all human beings wrestle with, and it’s largely because we’re resistant to change.

It’s your job to give procrastinators a reason to act now (instead of later). If you don’t, they’ll keep procrastinating. They’ll even lie to themselves and say, “I’ll do it later” — when they have no intention whatsoever of actually doing so…

Now Here’s What I Want You To Do About Your Non-Buyer Problem…

You know who the 4 Non-Buyers are, and why they’re not buying from you. Now I want you to get specific.

There are specific ways to overcome the concerns of each of your Non-Buyer Personas…

…and it’s not about being salesy.

It’s just about “tweaking” your message so they truly understand your product and services. But first, I want you to get specific.

  1. In your business, what are the EXACT concerns your INACTIVES might say about you?
  2. I want you to write them down in the table on the next page.
  3. Maybe they’re questioning your credentials.
  4. Or maybe they’re questioning your product.
  5. Write down the exact things you think they’re saying verbatim…

Next, I want you to make a chart like this… in the slides to this video — which you can download below — I’m giving you a simple one help you get started.

Now That You Know Their Concerns…

…it’s time to use the principles I shared in this video. And come up with ways to address them.

Brainstorm possible solutions to these concerns below.

Remember: it’s never about arguing with your customer. That’s a fool’s errand. You need to show them why their concern isn’t a concern… without directly telling them that.

Do that on the next list, or chart…

For a step-by-step walkthrough of this entire blog post, check out this video training…

If you want to build a Digital Revenue Engine that turn prospects into raving fans and clients, you’ll need to know how to:

1. Make the Apathetics care

2. Make the Cynics trust

3. Make the Insecure stop worrying

4. Make the Dragger act now

When you’re first getting started, we get excited about what we offer to the world. We think people care about the things we care about.

But that simply isn’t true…

People care about what THEY care about and that’s it. And that’s why today, I want to show you how to address the concerns of each of the inactives.

Because I believe, if you can get these INACTIVES to buy, you will be able to build that six or seven figure business.

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Originally published at unfunnel.com on August 18, 2015.