Growth Hacking with the Influencer Lifecycle [INFOGRAPHIC]

In one of my previous posts, we discussed the secret web persona that 99 percent of marketers overlook — the influencer.

This is no small miss for marketers, either.

Armed with blogs, communities, social media and product review channels that seem to be opened daily across all of the aforementioned…

…the social influencer is very much as important, if not more important, than your primary customer segments or buyer persona (s).

This infographic shows “cultivation streams” of early adopter (or “influencer”) touchpoints. The map is broken down into initial contact with a loyal follower in social channels as its starting point, and the path to influencing purchase continues to each step in the customer lifecycle — until the user becomes a partner in the process…

  1. Generating leads
  2. Engagement and nurturing with progressive profiling
  3. Activation as a new customer
  4. Then brand advocate or even contributing partner
  5. How to leverage the viral army that you created

If you’re creating a one-year digital engagement strategy, it might be helpful to use this unfunnel methodology. This journey illustrates the opportunities and possible conversions along the path toward digital brand advocate.

Social influencers not only interact in social networks and post experiences with brands on their blog, but they also have a deeper connection with the brand.

They develop a lifelong relationship with the brand, creating online content and distributing it across channels (i.e. customer review, webinar, eBook, collateral, etc.) and promoting the brand while increasing your online revenue.

A reward, Incentive or Affiliate program is critical to this cultivation strategy.

Touchpoints may vary, but for maximum effectiveness, try using a variety of digital channels — especially inbound tactics like blogging, SEO, social media, landing page and marketing automation.

Want to download and re-brand this infographic for your own company?

Here’s a link to download the FREE Hi-Res PDF.

Originally published at on August 18, 2015.

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