Here’s 8 reasons why you may not trust Unfunnel as far as you can throw us yet.

Note: if you’re already a Growth Labs Member, you may enjoy this read anyways :)

1. “Isn’t just about everything you share available for free on the internet?”

Wow, starting out with a doozie. Ok, let’s talk about it.

Ideas about the foundations of business are available ALL OVER the web.

You can spend TONS of time clicking around the web learning bits and pieces.

The danger, of course, is that many people never move beyond that — spending A LOT of time clicking around.

Onesie-twosie learning will never be as curated, ordered, organized and action oriented as The Unfunnel Roadmap.

We know the common pitfalls, we help you avoid them and make progress on your business every single week. This is what the Roadmap and community at Unfunnel were designed for, and this is what our members gladly pay for each month.

2. “Aren’t you too young to be business trainers?”

Some of us really do have baby faces :)

First, we have deep experience in both the new and old business worlds. Fortune 500 consultant, head of sales at a massive startup, highly sought-after designer… these are the careers we built before joining Unfunnel.

Second, we were the team of choice when a few massive bloggers needed help with strategy and design. (That was back when we did client work.) They believed in how we look at new business. (Spoiler Alert: it paid off well for them.)

Third, some of our courses aren’t actually taught by us, they’re taught by leading experts. (Look for more of these in the future as we diversify the course library.)

But what speaks most for us is the success of our members. People like Alexis, Scott, Marcellus and Rafi who joined Unfunnel with an idea and are now earning a full-time living on their own terms.

3. “Are you just out to make a quick buck?”

We priced Unfunnel membership at an affordable $29/month (less than a dollar a day), and included a $1 trial and an easy “click to cancel” button to stop being billed immediately.

If we wanted to make a quick buck we’d have a big price tag, lots of marketing and it’d be hard for you to get a refund.

No, we’re not out to make a quick buck. Instead, we designed ourselves into a business that only survives in a long-term relationship with you.

4. “I’m worried your training will be too basic or too general.”

Yes, this is a very common question.

From idea to initial audience, from first product to audience growth, from creation to sales and marketing, there are actions.

Some actions require you to know certain concepts and ideas, so there’s some learning you may need there.

Maybe more than anything else, these actions, done in a particular order, are the most important ingredient in making your idea a reality and growing your business.

Unfunnel Growth Labs training will focus you on those actions regardless of how advanced or basic your understanding is at this point.

Besides that, the community and our weekly coaching calls go a long way to answering specific questions that might be unique to your business.

5. “I have other business trainers I already trust.”

I totally understand.

I mean, we are very unique here at Unfunnel. We have a very humane, open and fun way of looking at business and have designed ourselves into a business model that requires us to be excellent and honest.

And, obviously, the special community here is without equal in the world of online business.

Also, we’re very enthusiastic about dancing. It’s just something we are committed to (Alexis in particular).

So, we have a unique way of looking at things and a very special community, and we just might be the hardest working business in business, but we’re not hurt if you like someone else more than us…

… well, I mean a little… but we’ll be OK.

(PS. if this is where you are, reply and tell us who you like so much. They must be doing a great job, and maybe we can collaborate.)

6. “I doubt I’ll have time for training right now.”

This is a really good point. Thanks for your candor.

So, here’s what we’ve done at Unfunnel to design for the realities of modern life.

We’ve broken up each course and each section of the roadmap into bite-sized chunks so you can do them at your own pace.

We also have a dashboard that makes it easy to pickup exactly where you left off.

And every Friday we now send out a short email called “This Week in Unfunnel,” sharing popular conversations from the forums. (This is one of my favorite things we do.)

Managing time is a massive challenge for just about all small business builders. We’ve designed the training and our weekly “This Week in Unfunnel” community email to fit Unfunnel into your life, not the other way around.

7. “I don’t think I’m ready to pay money for training.”

Wow, I really understand this one. Thank you for your honestly.

Now, let’s take that honesty a little further and realize that what you might be saying is this: I am not yet very serious about starting my own business.

First of all, please know that is a very OK thing to say, and brave. Many people think themselves very serious about business when they’re really just playing and pretending.

And second, maybe just beware of staying in that spectator position for too long… your future self might come to resent you. (Lord knows there’s things I wish I would have started sooner.)

So, can you still be interested in starting a business without paying for professional training?

Yes. Unfunnel’s agile marketing blog, inbound marketing toolbox and agile startup podcast, hopefully, are very inspiring places to keep learning.

And, when it come time to invest in yourself-if your goal is to earn a living doing something you care about as a freelancer, creative or entrepreneur — I hope you consider Unfunnel membership.

(At the very least it’ll be the most affordable excellent training you’ll likely find :)

8. “It feels kinda weird that you’re so up front about this stuff.

I know, even as I write this I’m, like, “this isn’t normal!”

I hope it’s not too weird.

As I said, we can’t afford to be dishonest because people would just stop paying the $35/month for Unfunnel.

We don’t want everyone to join Unfunnel, but we really want the right kind of person to know about it. So, my bet is that brutal honesty will help attract awesome people.


Listen, maybe the most important question here is what we talked about in #7 above: beware of staying in that spectator position about your business for too long.

Creating your own business is an invitation to create, to engage with the world and work to build a life on your own terms.

Don’t dangle that carrot out in front of yourself like so many have before, playing at business. Don’t fiddle with yourself that way.

If you don’t want to take yourself seriously as an entrepreneur, that’s absolutely fine. It’s a scary thing to think of yourself that way!

But don’t pretend to yourself that you’re taking it seriously when deep down you really are not.

Instead, define something:

  • How will you know when you’re ready to be serious about being an entrepreneur?
  • What do you need to have-that you don’t currently have-before you fully commit to building your thing?

Work towards that end. The agile startup podcast and emails from Unfunnel will absolutely help you.

But maybe you are already thinking about yourself as an entrepreneur, you want to give yourself and your idea every chance of success.

If that’s you, why not join Unfunnel? I honestly believe it’s the best resource available for you, considering both cost (it’s less than a dollar a day) and impact on your business (action training + community).

Right now I want to offer you a $1, 7 day trial of UF Growth Labs. It’s always available to you, but why not start it right now?

Start Your $1 Trial

Ok, that’s all for now. Say hi on Twitter or Facebook and get weekly free advice in our excellent podcast.

Originally published at on December 7, 2016.

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