How To Hire An Inbound Marketer

You’re short on the time and manpower needed to execute key, strategic inbound tactics like blogging and social media strategy.

Fortunately, there are marketing agencies and consultants out there who specialize in the inbound methodology that can help.

But like any other agency partner, make sure this agency is a good strategic match for the type of goals and challenges you have, as well as your internal teams and processes.

Agencies whose personalities, leaders, skill sets and core values map to these 11 attributes will be well-positioned to deliver.


The return on investment businesses experience when shifting from outbound to inbound marketing has been well documented — and with good reason!

Companies who part with traditional marketing methods to follow their customers online are blowing key growth metrics like marketing efficiency and sales productivity out of the water.

The inbound combination of remarkable content and website engagement create a bedrock foundation for sales and marketing efficiency, effectiveness and growth.


Marketing dollars have shifted away from traditional outlets like PR and cold calling. But the skill sets of internal teams lag behind.

For some, the time and resources needed to train internal people on how to master inbound marketing must-haves like SEO and email marketing do not exist.

As a result, businesses wanting to take advantage of ROI-charged inbound tactics like blogging and social media are looking to outside agencies for help.

These agencies can use their deep online experience to help companies and businesses short on time and internal resources increase their online visibility and lead generation efforts.

However, it is not one-size fits all.

With our partners at Hubspot, we’ve developed a list of attributes and core values most often associated with successful relationships into our newest eBook.

It details the core competencies you’ll need to look for when hiring an agency for your firm, including:

  • Delivering the Right Services — Marketers and business owners are looking to hire an agency that can help them implement the inbound tactics that best correlate to success.
  • Focusing on Your Goals — Business should be directed to the agencies who tailor their service to the specific challenges and goals of clients.
  • Highlighting Specific Areas of Focus — You should be looking for agencies with industry expertise and specialization that compliment your goals and challenges.
  • Emphasizing Measurement and Analysis — Agencies who measure everything succeed faster, and clients should ask to see their ability to crunch and interpret numbers.

Agencies come in all shapes and sizes, with different specialties and talents.

But there are core values and skill sets that make some better than others.

Here are the 11 most important values to consider when choosing an inbound marketing consultant...

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