The 30 Most Common Digital Marketing Interview Questions of 2015 (and how to overcome each of them)

If you’re human, and skilled in anything, you probably hate interviews. Most people who are making waves in the digital world do, I’ve learned.


I’ve had to overcome the bureaucracy and boredom — as will you.

And to help you prepare better than Erica and I have in the past, here’s a lineup of what to expect in any scenario! :)

Boring advice we’ve all heard…

  • Communicate answers clearly and maintain good eye contact with the interviewer.
  • Maintain a smile on your face.
  • Don’t look so serious.
  • Answer clearly and don’t change your answer.

My advice from Experience

Having been in 29 Fortune 500 final-round interviews myself, I’ll give you some tips about not only how to pick the best boss or client out of the interviewing pack, but also how to wow them into not being able to sleep until you’re hired.

A good interviewer…

  • Is cynical and sarcastic (how you know they’re good at what they do, and passionate)
  • Does NOT operate from a strict format of questions
  • WILL stray from the the strict format — even if HR makes them use it
  • Has a sense of humor (a quirky one)
  • Will NOT micromanage you — instead, they’re a leader… encouraging autonomy

A good candidate…

  1. Interviews the interviewer, rigorously
  2. Asks about the company’s financial status, how the job became open, the biggest challenges of the department and the company
  3. Questions the validity of these questions — if something isn’t true, and you know it, a good interviewer will expect you to call that out (just make sure you give a compelling argument WITH proof)
  4. Finds out any and all reasons why you wouldn’t be the best candidate — ASK THEM. Doing this gives you a chance to redeem yourself on any mistakes, cover things you may have missed, or combat any preconceived notions about the role and your fit with it…

MOST IMPORTANT, a good candidate questions the role itself.

Point out the flaws in the role, the short-sighted view of your candidacy, and even the flaws in our industry. ANYONE GOOD will bite on this — and bite hard.

If they don’t, no worries.

I just saved your career by preventing a few years of misery for you! :)


“30 Common Digital Marketing Interview Questions of 2015 (and How to Overcome Them)”


Originally published at on October 21, 2015.

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