The Ultimate Customer Journey Mapping Toolkit for Agile Marketers in 2016 [BUNDLE]

To help you gain an easy edge with content strategy and design placement, here’s a complete lineup of digital marketing templates that will ensure you create a conversion-centered web strategy.

With each being an Excel file, you can easily customize them and make them your own!

Part 1: Lead Nurturing Conversion Process

  • Find Influencer Triggers
  • Establish Conversion Criteria
  • Empower with Research & Education
  • Motivating Content to Create Loyalty

Part 2: Persona-Driven Campaign Building

  • Step 1: Identify Target Buyers and Influencer Personas
  • Step 2: Review Behavioral Analytics and Search Engine / Social Media Behavior
  • Step 3: Refine Personas to Improve Targeting and Boost Online Conversion Rates
  • Step 4: Build Optimized Campaigns for Each Persona Based on Analytics and Testing

Part 3: Omnichannel Touchpoint Mapping Template

  • Identify campaign objectives and conversion goals
  • Identify primary/secondary targets, constituents and allies
  • Plan tactics and messaging by channel
  • Set conversion goals at each touchpoint

Part 4: Lifecycle Conversion Mapping

  • See the amount of touchpoints in each lifecycle stage
  • Develop appropriate triggers vs. outbound marketing communications
  • Identify content needs and digital product development
  • Suggested messaging and Call to Action (CTA) links

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