An Everyone Culture is another seminal work in the dialog around making work more human, or rather…
Gabe Gloege

Thanks for the thoughtful responses so far. I’ve been swimming in this particular water for so long (inside a DDO) that conventional ways of operating a business feel foreign and constraining. This is the way questions about ROI hit me too even though they are of course legitimate and important questions.

My direct experience of running a business this way is that I couldn’t imagine a better way to run a business. It just works. Unleashing more and more human capacity on big value-generating business problems/opportunities in direct and unmitigated ways is what my business school only dreamed about. It works for big innovative break-throughs and it works for daily operations.

That being said, I’d do it even if the business results were not able to be quantified. It also seems to me to be an excellent way to live (at work) qualitatively. Being openly (sometimes provocatively) honest, caring, and willing to partner no-holds-barred with both the business and the person to make a difference is how I want to live my life.

Decurion being a DDO has transformed the business for the better in quantifiable ways. Me being part of a DDO has transformed my life in ways that I didn’t expect yet am immensely grateful for…

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