Such a wonder/power full practice!
Jean Trudel

Thanks Jean for your response. I know that freedom and open participation are catalyzing impulses for you and I love how you are serving those visions.

It is easy for me to get tangled up in talking about organizational design (something I love to do). It really helps me to come back to my direct experience.

Decurion’s purpose is to provide places for people to flourish in a way that allows each person’s vocation to be integrated with their personal purpose, intention, and goals so that communal purpose, vision, and goals and individual purpose, vision, and goals can serve each other. I experience no contradiction or loss of freedom in this.

Douglas Griffin says “that members of the organization are required to conform to the emerging leadership of the whole” and that the “systemic whole is simply unfolding a given vision as regulations and practices.” Wow — that sure doesn’t match my lived experience inside a DDO.

My lived experience is that the purpose, vision, and goals of the whole are alive, evolving, and being clarified by leadership that is not defined a priori by hierarchy but emergent from the whole. Yes, the whole is not neutral — it is seeded with a purpose, sometimes from a founder, yet that purpose and its associated vision and goals shift and change with the contributions of diversity and novelty cultivated from individual potential.

Similarly, individual purpose, vision, and goals are alive, evolving, and being clarified by each person in supportive inquiry with the whole. The individual is not “losing their individuality” through a submission process but rather gaining it. Each person is invited to this inquiry and only they have the authority to direct it.

I agree, “the awareness of the quality of our own consciousness guiding intentional and purposeful action is one of the most challenging endeavors for mankind.” This is why we cultivate an expanding quality of consciousness at each holon (individual, community, business, enterprise) as a deliberate practice.

The potential for violence is real. This violence is already occurring in life, including organizational life. Developmental organizations do not try design a utopia where greed, envy, jealousy, hate, and aggression are absent. Those dynamics are human. We are building an organization where all of the human emotions and interpersonal dynamics are recognized, acknowledged, and engaged using a context of love.

Paradox is embraced in presence, unconditional love transcends. For me this is not an idealistic aphorism but an operational imperative.

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