Modi & Trump-A failure and why I disagree with You

India and US are two largest Democracies with US having a far superior and effective Foreign Diplomacy in place.

It must be attributed to their clear goals and their strategies fixed on the set goal posts.India on the other hand has struggled because of intangible benefits and goals it brings on the table while dealing with US. With Barack Obama ,this relationship began to look fair.A Man’s personality reflects in his every action,with or without benefits.Obama’s joint statement in his first visit to India,in 2010 is infact an excellent way to put forward what could be an honest ambition of US-India relationship :

“And it is my firm belief that the relationship between the United States and India — bound by our shared interests and our shared values — will be one of the defining partnerships of the 21st century.This is the partnership I’ve come here to build.This is the vision that our nations can realize together.”

But the time has changed. Now US stands behind a leader who is not half the intellectual and quarter a visionary of what Obama was.No wonder RSS activists have been so euphoric ever since Trump won the elections. Democracy in that sense often takes a rough course and is a binding proof of the fact that people of a country don’t always want the wisest to lead them and that their judgement of who can lead them the best is but a subject of tinkering with common emotions and arousing common interests,more effectively,the ones that pose a promise to the masses.Trump’s promises to Americans are self centralizing with impractical and nonsensical rhetoric on American Needs,American Greatness and Americans First.

With such a governing attitude,it is only obvious that most of the world is falling apart from him.

India under Modi’s leadership has its own problems. People expect rhetoric in India and Modi is pushed to provide the fodder.And this has transformed into becoming the cause of a disastrous Foreign Diplomacy. But to elites and intellectuals,Modi was presumed to be a stronger man than that. Foreign Diplomacy is a very sensitive subject which must be dealth with subdued emotions and crystal like clarity deep within. As Gita declares,a man who has taken control of his senses,of his mind,can achieve anything.Such must be the character of prominent diplomats.

The good thing with Pre-BJP government was seclusion of Diplomacy from Politics but then that government had bigger issues.

Trump himself,though small minded does have clarity and by virtue of that has led India again to that American goalpost and scored a good goal while Modi was all busy patronizing with gifts and hugging him around. Talking about that,it was very funny. Trump’s foolish behaviour with head of other states must have had Modi wonder what might happen.I think this has to be owed to the aura and confidence of this man,Narendra Modi,the way he managed Trump’s body language.Pranayama and Yoga maybe.To be true,Hugs are always a better expression of friendliness and care than shaking hands. But hugs make more sense when there is someone you really care about.While that happened,Joint statements were made.

The famous Bear Hug of Modi

In the detailed Joint Statement issued to the Press, US mentions Kashmir as an India-Administered Kashmir and it is shocking that our diplomats bought it in the hurry of Trophy show off.Trophy we got is naming of Syed Salahuddin as a Global Terrorist in the books of United States.Well,what it actually achieves for India is that ,US acknowledges that China is wrong in blocking Salahuddin umpteen times in The UN and that they are with India on the Kashmir issue.This is all parabolic in nature because there is absolutely no newness to it and this exchange of billions worth of Weapon deals for a mere naming is absolutely rubbish. US has negotiated itself into marking China as a Terror supporting country by this.The goalpost for US in context of India is clearly making India their trade and investment haven.It is only logical and this should in itself be a selling point for our negotiators.Right now,India is the World’s fastest growing Economy.

To look at it so as to understand how successful US has been in their Diplomacy,consider this : From 0.2% in 2003 to apx 10% in 2017,US has increased export of Arms to India in a phenomenol manner,overtaking Russia in 2014.From the 14th on the Indian Arms Import table to the No 1 in 11 years is sensational Diplomacy.And still,India is hovering around them like a satellite for assurances on Defence partnership,thats feeble Diplomacy,esp with Russia,Israel,France,Japan as alternatives of equal pedigree.

Coming to India,our intangible expectations from US or rather goalposts are that Pakistanbe made to vacate Kashmir and China be scared away from our North Eastern Borders. While Trump has not downgraded any developments in Security Partnership he has for sure and blatantly shown a sign of laziness in coming around.India has so stupidly sold its position on North Korea that I feel like punishing myself at the ignorance of our strategists.

Another disaster for example is that-In 2016,Obama clearly named South China Sea and damned China from intervening in sovereignty of other Nations while there was no China anywhere in this India-US Joint statement of June 26,2017. Neither has Trump shown any specific agitation to China’s OBOR ambitions and not just that China has been valiant enough to embarrass India by transgressing in Sikkim just when Modi’s Air India one seemed to be landing on the American soils.A thumping defeat of Indian Diplomacy.

Trump emphasized on being a true friend of India and gave no special adjustments for the Indian IT Industry in the newly vetted H1B Visa rules in the US.I remember reading in pieces somewherehow Trump thought while negotiating its important that you say,do and act how the other party wants and then take home what you want.Well,I am sure Modi must have contented these points on the drawing board but what underscores my confidence is the fact that HE COULD NOT NEGOTIATE ANYTHING AT ALL.

There have been roaring beats of chest thumping among the naive citizens as well as the foolish section of media ,all just because of the Bear Hug. It is high time Indian Diplomacy gets serious and gets involved with National Interest as an agenda.Governments may change but the attitude of a country must not waver with every changing weather around the globe.Narendra Modi must give up public show off. If its not helping the country its not going to help him or his politics either. I speak from the frame of time.

There are opportunities for further cooperation in fields ranging from economics to energy,climate change to cyber governance,counter proliferation to not just defence but joint defence development,health and higher education,transformation of ill American culture to the superior and far Illuminated Hindu ways and Space.Our diplomatic efforts must converge with that of the US and it must prosper only as a PARTNERSHIP of sorts,if not equal.