Will Modi hug Trump?

Barack Obama was a stark contrast of Narendra Modi in both social outlook and political approach but when they met Modi made sure that the world saw them as friends.The whole world wondered about their bromance.

Both Trump and Modi have a lot of similarities ,Capitalists at heart-transactional in nature ,views on Terrorism,defying Democratic majorities,social media authority and some more.But,there is a huge difference.

Narendra Modi is a man who is almost perfect as a leader,Trump is a man who lacks essential life lessons,often called jerky and foolish and laughed at in the circle of intellectuals. Modi on other hand is sensitive and clear in his approach.Sensitive part is what Trump lacks.And thats the part which essentially differs humans with the despicable animals of this planet.

  • Essentially,Modi is much more matured and trustful while Trump is unarguably the most unpredictable President United States has ever had and the most idiotic.He is backed by a majority and rides on the founding princieples of racism and self centralization ,which reveals a rather pathetic truth about America and its people.
    Modi on other hand made sure that he was not misunderstood as a Hindutva based PM candidate in his campaign and threw all his weight to turn the wheel of Indian democratic agenda towards growth and development.
  • Modi,on one hand has directed his policies towards harbouring good faith and cordial relationships with India’s neighbours and Trump on other hand wants to build walls.

When Modi meets Trump,it is obvious that their personal chemistry is not going to be better than what Modi had with Obama. Two had a fundamental similarity of statesmanship and visionaries.While with Trump,there is bound to be discomfort and disassociation at an intellectual level.To put it in other words,Trump wpuld have been like Modi had Modi been a typical,cynical,witless RSS follower.But, Modi is different and amazingly smart.If he has been able to become The PM of India overcoming many other in the RSS camp he is sure to trump the foolish US President in one way or another.And mind it,RSS loves him just the same.

There are clear set of Trump’s priorities and because of his closed personality type,he would not want them to be challenged directly.

He says America first and Modi says Make in India.A contrast and not a subject to be touched in the first meeting.

America’s stand on Terrorism has become very clear ever since Trump took charge.And it happens to be the only positive subject of convergence between the two,negative being China.India could negotiate with America,a stern stance on Pakistan and clarity in the matter.India also would seek to involve American presence in Afghanistan which has been diminishing lately resulting into an unstable Afghanistan. Strategically,it is important for India ,while for America,Pakistan is an easy alternative. America has been proactive on countering ISIS and therefore they can be expected to attempt inducing India into the war zone.An easy and good deal.

Trump has criticized China as severely as Hillary did to Russia in the US Presidential Election,2016.Trump has blamed them from material dumping to currency manipulation.He knows that China is a threat and also understands that it is almost a superpower already. From Indian perspective,to put it clearly,India and China geopolitics is enemical.

So, China,South-China Sea ,Malabar exercise which includes Japan,America and India and Chinese hegemonical approach should break the ice on a co-ordial India-US relationship and Modi-Trump chemistry.

Trump has secret liasions with Russia is but an eyes wide shut sort of a truth and that gives Modi plenty of legroom to freely express India’s requirements of the Arms from the US without disturbing the Russian centiments. India can be expected to seal the F16 aircraft deal with Lockheed Martin and get a Make in India news for BJP’s PR back home too.Lockheed Martin manufactures other aircrafts in their US based plants and therefore if the deal is finalized,they will have to make F16s in India. India is also expected to sign a drone deal for The Indian Navy. Drones are called Guardian Drones and since Trump has clearly stated his understanding of NATO as useless,chances of this deal being okayed are really high.India will be the first non NATO country to get the drones.

Where the necks will stick out is India’s push for relief in troubles of IT industry owing to new H1B visa policies of the Trump Administration.White House has made an uncourteous announcement on the issue even before Modi’s flight has landed in Washington.Unpredictable Trump.However it shouldn’t be that surprising.

H1B restrictions are a direct result of America First,which in principle is that any company in America must employ Americans first and any American company must manufacture in America first. It will be a tough nut to crack and the one to watch out for.This is what will dictate the meeting scheduled on June 26th and will be an obvious test of Modi’s negotiation skills,more so after a clear announcement from the White House of this being a no touch zone.

Donald Trump must have had a sleepless night before declaring an American pull off from the Paris Climate Pact,a move that has been criticized by every American company and probably the only Trump Action that led to almost an American unity lately.For Modi to bring Paris Climate Pact in this meeting would be very similar to Nehru kind of blunder. India can and should express its indifference to the matter.If you look closely,after America’s exit from the pact,India is the most disadvantageous signee to it.Modi could well be lured into impressing other countries of the world by bringing this to table.How he represents India on Environment will reveal a lot more about his character than we know.

India has a vast American diaspora and Trump will be given a clear message on India’s displeasure of increasing racial discrimination and crime,thats very certain.This could and should be the first thing that is called up and ticked off the board on June 26th.

This will be Modi’s most testing foreign trip for many reasons. India’s Economic emergence is clear to the world .There is no doubt about it. From being the world’s largest Democracy ,India is now well placed to be the World’s most secular country as well.There is immense confidence on both sides but at the end of the day underlying question is Will Modi be able to hug Trump and the obvious answer to me is,Yes!