Dear Governor Sununu,

When we decided to attend UNH, we chose more than just a campus. We chose a state, a city, and a community to call home. We know New Hampshire to be a welcoming state, but over the course of these past two months, we are increasingly concerned about its future as well as ours. The rising costs of our tuitions, the lack of protections for LGBTQ rights, the numerous threats to our voting rights, and the foreseeable cuts to our access to quality healthcare and services are deeply troubling.

By addressing these concerns, we can retain young people to work in this state after they graduate from our universities and community colleges, and thus strengthen our economy. Earlier this year, in your budget address, you indicated that incentivizing young people to stay in New Hampshire is one of your top priorities as Governor. For this reason, we invite you to an open conversation at UNH Durham to discuss the issues impacting us and our fellow classmates. Your predecessors saw the importance and value of forming relationships with students across the state. We hope that you continue this tradition by accepting our invitation to an open conversation as a first step in strengthening our relationship.


Jonathan Dean ’17, Student Body President
Lincoln Crutchfield, ’17
Elena Ryan, ’18
Emily Cochran, ’19
Alicia Delvento, ’17
Nicholas Robert LaCourse, ’20
Doug Marino, ’18
Daniel O’Leary, ’17
Cameron Kenney, ’18
Silas Richards, ’18
Kaely Horton, ‘18
Alana Davidson, ‘17
Jeremy Kassel, ‘18
Olivia Olbrych, ‘19
Elias Tyrrel-Walker, ‘20
Hannah Machado, ‘20
Lisa Marie Demaine, ‘17
Catherine Mernin, ‘18
Andrew Morin, ‘18
Emily Belisle, ‘19
Connor Phelps, ‘19
Mary Kelliher, ‘17
Sadie Matteson ’17,
Tyler Anderson ’18
Peter Bouers ’18
Camden Tachsapaeugh ’19
Jose Calvo ’18