Scientific evidence of God by an atheist

NOTE [1]: No opinion, faith, emotion, nor bias was used in the facing sequence.
NOTE [2]: I am of course atheistic. (I have not any beliefs, especially as the inventor of a paradigm entitled “non-beliefism”).
NOTE [3]: One needn’t belief/certainty to observe empirical evidence and or probabilities. (Such as the probabilities/empirical evidence observed herein)

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Why is ‘God’ scientifically redefinable?

1. Recall that humanity had not priorly possessed rigorous modern science.

2. Recall that a creator/creation relation (the typical archaic claimed God/supposedly created universe) had been established before modern science (Scientists/Illustris….)

3. Recall that science is a medium that updates, as scientists produce new data. However, until now, the archaic science of Gods was not updated in modern science terms.

4. For example, recall ‘astronomy’. Science had updated from archaic astronomy to modern astronomy, such that mythical components were purged. The word ‘astronomy’ maintained regardless.

Thusly, betwixt my accord, the aforesaid update, par “god”, shall perhaps occur.

Scientific-redefinition of god

In summary, the ability to generate non-trivial intelligence (perhaps artificial) that surpasses the net intellect of one’s species, and or compute simulation of universes (from crude universes i.e. illustris, to perhaps instance(s) with intellect resembling prior), is that which classifies said species as god-bound.

In simpler terms: God is any non-omniscient entity with the ability to compute simulation(s) of universes (from crude universes i.e. illustris, to perhaps instance(s) that may contain sophisticated intelligence) and or to engineer non-trivial intelligence (perhaps artificial), that shall probably exceed that of the intellect of its creators.

The redefinition sequence yields tiers of creators including ‘minimally capable gods’ (tier i) and ‘highly capable Gods’ (tier ii), of which humans largely already exist as highly capable Gods and smally, as minimally capable Gods; for large numbers of humans possess human level intelligence (minimally capable God range), and by extension, small numbers of humans (highly capable God range) are creating crude universes.

It is notable that one may maintain an atheistic state, while observing the scientific god redefinition above.

This is because one need not belief to observe science, and so one need not believe in God, as scientifically redefined. One need not believe in science, as science holds true regardless.

Scientific statement sequence summary

1. Humans already engineer crude universes.

2. As such, archaic cosmology, naively hypothesized a relation as observed in 1’s trajectory, i.e. creator styled gods/creations.

3. The ability to yield crude universes includes the ability to yield human level intelligence.

Thusly, composite properties emerge, wherein:

Humans have the ability to generate human level intelligence, by learning tasks (minimally capable god tier). So, humans already encompass a non-trivial region of the huger universe yielding ability (highly capable god tier), where human intelligence is observed as some prominent complex machine amidst the cosmos, that may engender universes (albeit crude).

In simpler words, if the prior abilities are observed as a number sequence, then the ability to engineer non-trivial intelligence, is that group of numbers that strictly subsume some deeper number distribution; the ability to engineer universes. Amid science, typically, strictly occurring relations/distributions are uniformly classified. In the neuroscientific paradigm abound general intelligence, the ability to engineer non trivial intelligence, and the ability to encode universes, is but one ability; one complex organization of varying, albeit particularly configured patterns.

Scenarios that already display evidence of existent minimally-capable, non-omniscient gods

There is merely one instance, as far as science prescribes, humans.

In a similar way that the hypothetical super artificial intelligence engineers itself (and probably how today’s artificial neural networks update themselves), …we constantly self-engineer our brains, such that enhanced versions of ourselves are probable. (See scientific redefinition of god prior)

Scientific-statistics par minimally-capable non-omniscient gods

Simply, it is empirically observed that humans update/upgrade their brains, such that we produce enhanced versions of ourselves. (particularly we may do activities that strengthen our synapses, by learning new tasks, or mastering old tasks)

Scientific-statistics par highly-capable non-omniscient gods

Simply, illustris persists as an instance where human level intelligence yields crude universes.


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