An Ibadan boy ticks one off his bucket list

The first ten years of my life were not the easiest.

I realized that I was quite susceptible to malaria, not the take-some-pills-and-be-okay type, mine came with fever and rigor and chills, and when the fever was ending, copious sweats. Like any Nigerian child studying Science in elementary school, I questioned my AA genotype and wondered if the coming and going of illness would always be a part of my life.

One of my older sisters dubbed my malaria bouts as my ‘sickness of the month’, and when I got my shivers she would tell the household that it was…

Our survey results and more

On the 5th of March, we opened our survey up for respondents to tell us about their long distance relationships. In two minutes and eight questions, we wanted to know who they were, how they met their partners, how long they had been together, the distance between them, and the most difficult thing about being long distance.

Since then we have gathered 102 responses and today shut down the survey. We have also learnt a lot from the results which we are sharing today. …

Designing reasonably cheap utensils for the kitchen

This is the second design concept in my Kitchen Series, my attempt to design three products for the home. If you haven’t read the first one, it’s here.

While it may not be the best thing ever, I enjoy hot food. Not too hot, just hot enough. Not 100 degrees, definitely not room temperature either.

I probably inherited this from my mother and, true to form, when food was freshly cooked or freshly warmed that it was too hot to eat it she would place the plate inside a shallow bowl with water in it to cool it off. …

Designing reasonably cheap utensils for the kitchen

I grew up in a very middle class family, my parents are academics but for a long period in my childhood, they had to support the extended family. As a result, we had very functional utensils. One that I remember very well was this stainless steel cup made by the company 555.

The slightly-improved version of the cup, via Unitop.

If you grew up in Nigeria in the 90s, you know this cup.

You gave it to people who came to your house asking for ‘cold water’, they could tell how cold the water was by how much sweat was around the cup. It literally could not break…

Notes from Hardware Lagos’ Datasheet Conference

When we set out to organize a conference, we had already organized eight meetups over the last three years. Our participants had told us about how great the events had been and how much they had learnt each time they came out for one of the events.

The conference ran for three days starting from Thursday, April 4th until Saturday, April 6th.

The first two days were dedicated to technical workshops on topics that had routinely been requested from our feedback surveys: Developing IoT Mesh Networks, Urethane Casting, Managing a Makerspace and Building off-grid solar power. …

Introducing Datasheet, a conference on product development

Between the 4th and 6th of April this year, Hardware Lagos will host her first conference. For three days, there will be workshops and talks delivered by experts from across Africa and outside the continent.

Are you ready?

But why now?

For close to three years, we have run meetup events in Lagos. From meeting with only 12 people sitting shoulder to shoulder in a small waiting room in Yaba to packed events at Capital Square with speakers calling in from abroad.

Comparing product development stories across the continent

This story was written as a feature for The Prepared, view the original.

At a conference in Nairobi two years ago, an engineer visiting from Rotterdam stunned me with how easy it was for his team to order electronic components: an order for a BLE chip placed on Thursday evening would be fulfilled by lunch on Friday. Only a month before that, my colleague and I had spent two weeks waiting for a Bluetooth module for a prototype we were taking to the same conference. And two weeks was fast: we had a relationship with a Sparkfun reseller in Lagos…

Customer development using white labelling

While we all know how hard hardware is, there are a myriad of ways to get a product to market. In Nigeria, where funding is difficult to find and market sizes can be quite difficult to ascertain, it is important to manage your cash flow as prudently as possible especially in the early days.

On Saturday, November 10, we had three panelists discuss this at our meetup held in the American Corner at the CcHub, Yaba. Speaking were Uche Onuora, CEO of HITCH; Yang Yan, Product Development Manager at ARTOP Group; and Jeremy Kirshbaum, Researcher.

Jeremy started off the event…

Shipping, Expenses and Other Logistics

This is the third part of my wonda Kickstarter series after introducing the toy and discussing the campaign.

Two weeks after my campaign ended, Kickstarter wired me the funds (minus processing fees) raised, it came to $2299.32. In my personal life I have always been an expense tracking nut, it was not going to be any different with wonda.

I upgraded my Spendee app to a Plus account and opened a new wallet to manage my Kickstarter expenses. …

In Abuja, Ahmad Sadiq has to offer everything

Of all the pictures of Mark Zuckerberg in Abuja, Nigeria, there is one that stands out to Ahmad Sadiq. In this picture, the Facebook founder is asking Ahmad about the home automation products offered by Microscale Embedded, his company.

Nigeria’s Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, Mark Zuckerberg and Ahmad Sadiq (Source: Microscale Embedded)

Microscale Embedded is a staple in the Nigerian hardware space: providing electronic components (both as a reseller and a producer) via its online store, and producing energy management products for the home. For the latter, the company also installs these products, such as change-over switches and power meters, in homes after performing prior consultancy to the client.

The focus on energy…

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Designer & Engineer, mostly writing about design and (hardware) tech in Africa.

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