Nekonium’s first promotion at Comiket and year end summary

Nekonium, the Ethereum based Cat themed Japanese Crypto has finally decided to introduce herself towards the Japanese community — at Comiket.

For those unfamiliar, Comiket is a biannual event which takes place in Japan, to host all things Otaku — Manga, Cosplay, Animation, but not only that, Canned Tuna, Doorknobs, River stones — any form of Geekish pursuit.

And Nekonium decided to chime in. Until now they’ve had 0 promotion and had opted to stay silent. But with the timed release of the Nekonium Android Wallet App for this year end’s Comiket 93 they chose the occasion as her break in.

The reasoning behind this is that the Japanese Crypto scene is driven largely by those who attend Comiket. Due to the immense amount of micro transactions and money management required, the Comiket crowd are strong advocates of Crypto, and Monacoin (ranked around 50 in coinmarketcap) grew with this crowd — not only as a fan base — but people who actually actively utilize it to buy/sell their wares.

And with this, Nekonium have done their first ever promotion campaign, of which users who download the Android App and plan to participate in Comiket would tweet towards hashtag #nekonium with their wallet address QR image attached. Through the expected assault of bots and crypto beggars, they have managed to review almost every single tweet, and handed a rather large sum of 111 Nukos each to those who seem worthy.

Campaign Fan art by a community member:

Unofficial summary of the campaign by another community member:

Some pictures from Comiket with the nekonium banner and QR:

All in all, the reception seemed well, and with this modest but generous introduction of herself to the crowd, Nekonium’s name is spreading quickly.

Finally, here is a link to a Year End statement from the official Dev account:

Translation, in short:

  • Community has grown
  • 1888776 (around 15% of premine) spent for bounties and airdrops
  • Try to Create a Nekonium Tipping service, integration with various SNS