Spirit of 4th captured in a lemon! #july4th #vegan #redthaicurry #humanity

I had everything I needed….kabocha squash, lemon grass, red bell pepper paste, etc. The only thing I was missing was coconut milk and I had picked that up on my 6 mile long walk today. I followed the recipes meticulously… first the red curry paste recipe by The Minimalist Baker and then the vegan Thai Red Curry recipe by the Veggie Queen. As I worked through it I noticed lemons coming up a few times … and that was one thing I had run out of. Oh no!

Being the 4th of July Independence day, most stores were closing early, so I decided to just do without it and continue… but when all done, it smelt like thai red curry alright but the taste was just not there — lemons were absolutely needed!

I decided to make a dash to the nearest market and see if they were open — it was just past 9 and I had little hope…but still the desire for perfection drove me out as fast as I could. Sure enough the market was closed. As I walked back dejected I suddenly remembered that one of the homes nearby had a huge lemon tree and the folks were kind enough to leave a few lemons on a stand for passers by to pick up. Which street was it — Cedar? Maple?… right Maple it was. It was really late and dark, no street lights, just the distant sound of fireworks all around me. Chances were slim that there would be any lemons on the stand but that was really my last resort and so I headed in that direction.

Yippie! Sure enough there were 3 lemons — 2 large and 1 small. While I could use all three I decided to leave one for someone else who might desperately need a lemon like me!

Walking back home, I felt like the spirit of this country was captured in that one lemon — that one gesture of sharing, of giving, and also of taking only what is needed. That spirit of the people is really what America is all about, isn’t it!

And that my friends made it a very Happy 4th!

Pictured: Precious lemons + First attempt at Thai Red Curry!

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