Hi, I’m Prosper Otemuyiwa popularly known as @unicodeveloper. I’m a web optimization addict and a sucker for wholesome hacking tricks.

Late last year, I created an album that won the hearts and minds of readers, technical gurus, media aficionados, software developers, and instagram-filter artists across the world. It had 25 hit songs. As a genius recognized only by my Mum and Dad, I created these hits, day after day, consecutively.

You didn’t have a chance to listen to it? Here you go:

Sequel to this is what I’m currently working on a collabo, 31 days of March Media Madness.


The most wonderful thing about asking people for impossible things is that sometimes they say YES!

— Eli Trier

Several years ago, Steve Job of blessed memory was at the helm of affairs at Apple and he always asked for things, and what seemed “impossible” from his team of engineers.

According to Apple’s former CTO, Tevanian:

“He was the kind of person that could convince himself of things that weren’t necessarily true or necessarily easy, maybe easy is the better way to think of it. …

forloop Summit 2019 (L-R), Remy, Mohammed, Mustapha, Prosper, and Funsho

Prowling around Twitter like a roaring lion looking for an article to devour, a technical blog post to consume, a funny video to laugh at, a business post to bookmark, a software engineer to follow, I came across a video where the Vice Chairman of Morgan Stanley, Carla Harris was interviewed….

She said something that struck my nerves deeply. In her words:

I realized that being smart and working hard was not enough. It still wasn’t getting me at the top of the class.

..and later went on to say:

I realized that there was somebody who had to be…

It was in the morning. Lazily preparing for a trip out of the country that evening.

I got a call from my team mate. Picked up the phone and said “Dennis, how far?” and he replied with something along the lines of “Prosper, Michael has passed on”. Immediately, I froze!

Now, I’ve heard that phrase one too many times but at that moment I wanted it to mean something entirely different and after catching myself…I replied with “Passed on? What the hell do you mean by passed on?” Every other thing he said after that was a blur.

After the…

Microsoft participated in this year’s Forloop Summit, showcasing advanced features to aid developers in cloud deployment and management.

Statistics from the Cloud Africa 2018 report state that the use of cloud by medium to large organizations in Africa has more than doubled between 2013 and 2018. Due to the benefits of cloud in offering efficiency and scalability, more than 90 percent of surveyed companies in South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria have plans to increase their spending on cloud computing in the next year.

In line with this, Microsoft has said it is arming developers in Nigeria with skills to manage…

We are glad to announce that Microsoft will join us at this year’s Forloop Summit.

Microsoft Azure Experts will be on hand to share information on the cloud society and how Azure increases developers’ productivity with the platform’s support of over one hundred services — including 1st and 3rd party developer languages and tools.

There will also be an Azure DevOps and Microsoft Intelligent Kiosk demo at the event — a collection of demos that leverage Microsoft Cognitive Services and other Artificial Intelligence tools running on Azure.

Visit the Microsoft stand to see all the exciting features.

As companies rapidly turn to the cloud and seize the opportunities it brings, we are excited to arm our developer community with the latest thinking, tools and systems to support enterprises in their cloud journeys.

See you at the event!

Metrics Everywhere. Needed for Efforts Optimization. Better Potential Realization.

The goal of forloop especially at its creation by the legendary Ridwan Olalere (Didi Kwang) in 2016 is simple: Build an inclusive, engaging and vibrant community of developers across Africa.

“We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men.” — Herman Melville

forloop Africa is a community of passionate software developers and enthusiasts across Africa. 2 years after, we have developed a presence in 8 African countries, built a Slack community of over 2,500 folks and held several developer events to foster collaboration amongst developers in Africa.

This is the first state of the…

Andela’s Launch Party for Class 1 Fellows that started in 2014. From Beginners to Technical Team Leads. Such a Proud Moment!

One of my major goals for 2018 this time last year was to become an excellent Developer Advocate. And did I become better at Developer Advocacy?

How to use Apollo with an existing PHP API

GraphQL is quickly replacing REST as the standard for which data is queried, fetched and transformed between the frontend and backend. And developers are looking to explore and reap its benefits in their brown-field projects.

The benefits of GraphQL are numerous, some of which are:

  1. Querying many resources and retrieving the exact data you want in one request.
  2. A new generation of ergonomic developer tools from API to the client-side with platforms like Apollo (Client, Server, Engine).
  3. Improved performance, especially on devices with slow network connections via reduced payload size and less round trips to the server.

In our experience…

Resources to help you get started quickly with Apollo

GraphQL Glossary + FAQ resources

We work in an industry where we commonly use buzzwords and jargon to describe the simplest of things. When you’re learning a new technology, it can often be challenging because you have to understand the vocabulary before writing any code.

Whether you’re experimenting with GraphQL or running Apollo in production, we want to make every developer’s journey as smooth as possible. This is why we’re releasing two new resources to help you along the way: the GraphQL Glossary and an FAQ guide! 🚀

GraphQL Glossary

As much as we try to eliminate confusing jargon in our documentation, you’ll probably encounter some unfamiliar…

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