Why I Would Hire Alison Rapp

If we are to believe the absolute worst of this drama, Alison Rapp, while working as a spokesperson for Nintendo, was also moonlighting, with the knowledge of her husband, as a prostitute. Of course, there is only a trail of evidence which suggests this and that evidence is in no way conducive to prove that this woman actually took money for sex.

On top of this, for her honors undergraduate thesis, Alison wrote an academic paper called Speech We Hate: An Argument for the Cessation of International Pressure on Japan to Strengthen Its Anti-Child Pornography Laws for which she is being called a peodophile. I’ll talk more about this paper in a second.

But why do we know all of this about this random person? Why do we care? Because GamerGaters, self-proclaimed Men’s Right’s Activists, started obsessively stalking and investigating Alison’s personal life after Nintendo announced they’d be desexualizing certain characters in certain video games. Literally, these trolls are stalking a young woman for Nintendo’s decision to make clothing less scandalous and to remove a boob slider, which changes the size of a character’s breasts.

It may be overwhelming to some to understand the absolute absurdity of this situation, since hatred for women is so ingrained in our culture. So consider for one moment that Ali Rapp was actually a male and not a female. GamerGaters would have had no woman to hate for this corporate decision. Would they dig into his personal life? Would they find anonymous accounts he had made online? And when they uncovered that he was in fact a sexual being like the rest of us, would he be shamed and fired? Or would he be glorified?

Hatred for women is so deeply embedded in our culture that Nintendo fired Alison Rapp for being attacked by trolls. Because if you were to be doxxed, what would they find? And if the whole world were to be doxxed, who would be able to still be employed in “the entire modern US system of valuing humans by commitment to sterile capitalist-corporate culture”? What level of sexuality is appropriate enough to have brought to light and still keep your job? What level of “radical” opinions are you allowed to have before the thought police shut you down and tell you to clean your desk?

Additionally, these men are literally upset because the characters in their games are going to be wearing more clothes. They will still get to play the games. They will still have consoles in their homes where they can sit for hours and kill people and do missions and live in a fantasy world where they can be a hero. But they’re just going to do it in a way that the women who also play video games — which there are A LOT of — can enjoy this recreational activity in the same way, and not feel objectified. Women, who are also people, have the same right to escape into fantasy, and when that fantasy still includes male entitlement and objectification over the female body, it’s not really a very fun escape.

The attack on one person, the dragging of her whole life and the life of her family into the light for cultural critique, just for a corporate decision is appalling. The fact that she was fired for it is even worse. The societal box that we have set up for ourselves to fit into only worked when information wasn’t constant and global.

Now that our lives are totally ingrained with the Internet, we are being faced with the shadow aspects of ourselves and our societies. These are things which we have deemed “evil” or “dark” or “secret” or “private” but which are no longer allowed to exist without actually being confronted and seen. It is the belief of UNICULT that in facing these shadow aspects and bringing them into the light with acceptance, we grow.

Alison’s paper on child-pornography laws doesn’t make her a pedophile. If any of these accusers were to actually read the paper. they would see that it argues that censorship does little to nothing to change behavior and that we should instead be pouring our legislation and attention to helping those actual victims of child abuse and trafficking. Alison’s “radical” stance on pedophelia is only radical because of our sensitivity to the subject. We are so sensitive to pedophelia that we are unwilling to consider any solution other than sterile abstinence and extreme hatred towards those with pedophilc inclinations. This attitude does not protect children. It ensures repression and secrecy rather than healing and safety.

Alison has bravely touched on a topic that so few are willing to touch on and not only has she identified issues within our thinking but also offered solutions to the actual problem of the harm that children face.

Through all of this ridiculous drama, Alison has shown herself to be positive, resilient, and unfaltering with her views. She has not lost her temper or her sense of humor. She is obviously intelligent, deep-thinking, and shows agency. For all these reasons, I would hire her in a second.

Dear reader, try to look beyond the sensationalized words of “Prostitute!” and “Pedophile!” and look instead at the Person — the complete and complex person who is just as complete and complex as you are. It’s time that we start accepting the fact that employees are actually people and that we all deserve to be employed for who we truly are rather than a paper-thin facade of corporate falsehood. When we accept one another for our complete selves, we will be able to grow into our full potential as individuals and as a society.