Business Outsourcing — Emerging mania in the context of globalization

Business Process Outsourcing or BPO implies to outsourcing of a peripheral or some specific business processes of a company to a third party service provider.

BPO contracting unit legally obliges to the parental company for providing services mainly stretching from Back Office Operations, Customer Support, Accounting and Human Resources etc.

ITES-BPO i.e. outsourcing relating to Information Technology services, KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing), LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing) is some of the sub-segments of the BPO industry.

In addition to this, Offshore Outsourcing that is contracting outside the company’s origin country is in the trend these days and has been completely transforming the business profiles of the organizations through the concepts of value addition and supply chain. For example, a U.S. company off shoring a BPO vendor in India.

How does offshore outsourcing work?

Most of the Multinational Companies having a vision for transforming their businesses from good to great in the market rely on offshore outsourcing for further focusing on their core operations and ultimately growth. Emerging economies like India, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Singapore are some of the countries that offer low cost BPO services to the business hubs across the globe and are trusted for handling peripheral operations of the companies because of the countries adhere to international standards of quality control. Further, lower per capita income of the middle class section of these countries and highly qualified human resources allow them to reduce costs.

Benefits of offshore outsourcing

· Cut down Costs Organizations try to cut down its operational costs and overall expenditure by outlining investments on hiring and imparting training or other skills to the staff, investment on the systems needed to be procured or installed for running the business and other miscellaneous reductions on other resources.

· Core Operations Outsourcing allows the business hubs not to distract their centre of attention which is to mainly focus on core operations and market growth. For example, a manufacturing company may plan better strategies, do some research on R&D for adding qualities to its product rather than focusing on providing good customer support and handling grievances which can be easily handled by a BPO specialized unit at a low cost and overall lead to value addition in the core operations.

· Market Presence Outsourcing allows business hubs to augment their presence in the global market. BPO units offering customer support in multiple languages from country to country may help the businesses to promote products and services through the mode known as out-bound operations.

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