Is there ever a friend forever?

As we grow old, we take up other priorities. Our point of views changes just like how our priorities shift. Some people become “too busy” to meet (and insert all the various of other excuses with their more important priorities.) We start comparing ourselves with people who are able to meet with their past friends. We wondered what had we not done and we had we done wrong. We ask ourselves if those past friendships were a mistake. We questioned the purpose of our friendships.

I once read about friendships that were formed due to us being afraid to be alone. Once their friendship no longer had a purpose or they had found better friends, they leave you. I admit that sometimes I made friends because I do not want to alone. Nowadays, being alone makes us seem like social outcasts. We want to become part of the norm. But, there are also friendships forged because of our similiar preference, hobbies and goals in life. We all had something in common. So, we were able to understand each others worries, tolerated our differences and created new memories together. This are the friendships that we should never forget.

I was once a believer of friendship forever. I believed that I can keep in touch with all my friends. But, that is only possible if both parties put in effort to make it forever. It takes two hands to clap. Some friends are merely acquaintance while some friends are worth keeping. These friends have their own life to live too. They cannot be with you all the times. “Friends are like stars. We may not know where they are but we know there are always there when we need them.”

So cherish all the good friends around you! To all my good friends, even though you guys are always busy (sigh) , thank you for being there for me when I need you all. Hopefully we will all get to meet soon when you all are more “free”.

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