## [1.5.7] - 2020-02-02 [stable] Bundle multiple releases into one - Added "For Recruitment Agencies" - Added Russian - Added Ukrainian - Added Agencies trello board integration - Added Drift - Added Agencies ToU - Added a Press section in "About" with assets "For Employers" and "For Talents" as well as "Icons" - Added Phone number requirement to registration with auto detection of country and phone number validation - Updated .htaccess - Updated dashboard - Updated team pictures - Updated Footer - Updated Languages in Navigation - Removed all sitemaps New Functions - Added getAgencyUserEmail() - Added getListofAgenciesRecruiters() - Added…

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This week was quite a busy week over at Unicorn.io. We made several deployments and updates.

A summary of what has been done:

  • Massive mobile optimizations
  • Deployment of Cloudfare
  • New Terms of Use for Employers/Companies
  • New Terms of Use for Talents/Candidates
  • Calendly integration
  • Deployed the first version of the German version of unicorn.io (beta)
  • Frontend Country translations based on the language selected
  • Pushed Schema.org across unicorn.io
  • Implemented Pro-sitemaps
  • Integrated Whatsapp Chat widget
  • Created a Reddit subreddit
  • Created a Medium channel
  • Automated submissions of new blog articles on Telegram

This is a details of the change log we have updated.



We are matchmaking platform focused on tech field, helps Developers find jobs they love. Companies apply to candidates, focus on quality jobs and candidates.

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