Summer time is here!

Or is it…it is looking rather dreary out there!

So the time has come that we have all been looking forward to. Summer! Time for holidays and days out with family. 
Barbecues, late night parties, huddled by the campfire toasting marshmallows.

Whatever you have got planned for this summer, we all aim for it to be better than last summer. This is the time to make memories with friends and family. 
But…there is one big problem we have to face.

The cold and rain! Like clockwork, the moment the last week of July hits, here comes the rain. Hopefully there will be a bit more sun than we have seen so far. 
This leaves us with the problem of what we have to wear. Do we keep dry and over-heat or do we face the problem of getting wet but staying cool? It is cold first thing in the morning and come lunchtime we are all sweating like we have done three hours in the gym.

Luckily rain-macs are back in fashion. They have come back with prints that are fashionable and they are lightweight enough to wear without overheating and small enough to stick in your bag if you don’t need to wear it. 
They’re not too expensive either! From as cheap as £10, they’re definitely a wardrobe must-have this time of year.

This is my favourite one that I have seen as to yet. £22 from
You can get this one from a UK size 4 up to a UK size 16. It has the cute tiger on the back and is in a khaki green colour. Perfect for whatever outfit you are going to wear. There are so many styles, colours, prints and patterns to choose from you can find one to match your outfit if you need one for a special event!

Although we may have horrible rainy days, we capture some beautiful sunsets this time of year. If you’re lucky enough like me to live by the countryside you get to see some amazing sunsets. So beautiful to see. Such a shame that the sun tends to come out in the evening. But…we can’t moan. At least we do get to see some sun during the day!

Isn’t that just beautiful?!

Anyway…hope you all have a fun-filled day and summer! UnicornAndThePug — Chloe

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