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There are very few NFT applications on Blockchain that are tied to real assets. The majority of existing NFTs are linked to a single non-physical asset, such as songs, digital paintings, in-game items, and so on. Other NFT uses, such as real estate, high-value assets such as a building, or the value of a corporation, are extremely limited.

And if NFT and Blockchain can solve those difficulties, the market capitalization of the Blockchain won’t be limited to a few trillion dollars.

However, there are still minor sparks in the overall picture of Blockchain that are using the combination of VR, AR, MR, and NFT of Blockchain to solve those difficult problems, such as some of the Technology businesses I am talking about.


META365 is a UCC Company product that has been in development since 2018. In the domains of real estate, medicine, economy, education, tourism, and entertainment, META365 uses modern technology XR to solve long-term problems and improve performance and approach.


META365 MEDICAL: will provide the most user-friendly toolkits for doctors and trainees to perform surgery, analyze the patient’s condition, and seek medical treatment using virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality.

+ IN EDUCATION: META365 EDU working towards digitization by developing electronic textbooks for all subjects at all levels of study in Vietnam. Create virtual classrooms and labs in which chemical reactions are portrayed in molecular detail that can still be seen with the naked eye, or mimic historical events so that students can feel as if they are standing in the center of the action.


META365 TRAVEL BUILDING A GLOBAL TRAVEL APP IN THE TOURISM INDUSTRY Before selecting a holiday destination, we can use that program to preview and experience the scenery and services in a virtual reality environment.


META365 ENTERTAIMENT: stage virtual concerts and virtual parties. We may be in various parts of the world, but thanks to AR and MR technology, we may enjoy a concert or a party together, as well as play games with our friends. Furthermore, virtual reality movies will provide viewers with a true sense of every millimeter.


The META365 Land application, which combines a digitized real estate information site with the NFT marketplace, was launched by META365.

META365 Land uses AR, VR, and MR virtual reality technology to enable investors to get the most accurate representation of the Real Estate they wish to buy, no matter where they are. All you need is a Smartphone.

META365 LAND enables real estate buyers and sellers to deal more quickly on the NFT Market Place by incorporating Smart Contracts into each transaction.

META365 LAND is expected to be a big push in the Blockchain and Metaverse fields, fundamentally changing the way traditional businesses operate today.

In addition to large real estate, META365Land helps to digitize and subdivide Real Estate into NFT pieces so that retail investors can easily buy together and jointly own that Real Estate with just a number The investment is not too big. Developers will also have access to more investors with the real estate division mechanism powered by NFT2.0 technology.

The META365 Land application has the same operating mechanism as Grab and Uber, helping to find and connect sellers and buyers based on AI technology.

This is a large technology project that has been studied for a long time, advised by advisors with long experience in the fields of Real Estate, Economics, Law, and Blockchain. In addition, META365 Land products have been ordered and used by many partners in the field of Real Estate with close monitoring by the community.

META365 LAND is expected to be a big push in the Blockchain and Metaverse fields, fundamentally changing the way traditional businesses operate today.


Terra Land is a global trading platform for the selling of full real estate or particular parts of it, based on blockchain technology. These will be commercial properties for investment reasons, at the beginning, properties that create profits for investors while requiring no maintenance. TLAND is a project that began in 2019. The project received funding from the VC Impera Alfa fund in June 2020, which led to a grant from the National Research and Development Center to develop the MVP platform.

What is Terra Land and how does it work?


Terra Land is a platform that gives users access to a variety of properties in various parts of the world. You choose whatever property or portion of a property you want to purchase.

+ Provide PROFIT TERMS to investors.

You can double-check historical or predictive statistics for a certain property.


Terra land does not store user funds on the platform. And all transactions are backed by Smart Contracts.


Fundament Group democratizes access to financial investments and offers a regulated real estate cryptocurrency token approved by the German Financial Market Authority, helping its value grow steadily and planned annual profit of 4% plus possible sales revenue.

The company’s technical stack integrates blockchain, smart contracts,

WEB services and mobile applications. It brings liquidity to other illiquid traditional asset classes and can be traded on licensed peer-to-peer exchanges 24/7.

FUND Token is the first fully managed Real Estate Security Token Offering (STO) across Europe that has been fully digitized as security.

Their clients are property managers, advertisers, and developers who want to attract investors for traditional products in a modern, innovative, and cost-effective style.

Fundament Group was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Berlin, Germany.


As an Australian company that specializes in providing solutions to bridge the gap between technology, real estate, and investment, pointed out in an interview with Blockdata: “The use of smart contracts has the potential to reduce costs and expenses, which will be a positive for real estate investors and the sector.”


Templum Markets successfully raised $18 million in capital for a resort real estate project called St. Regis Aspen with the Aspen Digital Inc token. This is said to be the first tokenization model for a major real estate asset.

Templum Markets acts as the sole and exclusive issuing agent for the initial public offering on behalf of the issuer, resulting in the sale of an equity interest in the asset to an international group of shareholders including the Strong participation from institutions and high net worth investors in the Asia Pacific.

The successful completion of the St. Regis Aspen Resort reflects the growing understanding of the value of tokenization by property sponsors and investors.

“Technological advancements will allow the modernization of existing frameworks, shifting illiquid assets to a new path to more liquidity,” said Vincent Molinari, CEO of Templum Markets.

Each Real Estate token represents a common share position in St. Regis Aspen Resort and has been granted its own S&P CUSIP: 04531E208. These tokens are expected to be traded on Templum Market’s registered ATS following current resale provisions of US securities laws.


Kasa Korea is a Korean technology company that has partnered with SK Securities to tokenize Real Estate. Kasa Korea has been working on building a blockchain platform for issuing digital asset-backed securities (DABS) with real estate as collateral. Recently, South Korea’s Financial Services Commission granted a special exemption to sell real estate certificates to investors through its blockchain platform, albeit on a trial basis. In early May, the Financial Services Commission designated Kasa Korea as an innovative financial services business, South Korea’s Yonhap News reported.


New World Development (NWD) has announced a blockchain platform developed in collaboration with the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI). The Hong Kong branch of the State Bank of China (BOCHK) is the first bank to participate

Adrian Cheng, Vice President and General Manager of NWD said: “Traditionally, buyers, real estate developers, banks and law firms have all operated individually — so far, no foundation. single to connect all parties”.

Ann Kung, Executive Vice President of BOCHK, commented that the project “helps enhance the customer experience by providing seamless integration of mortgage services across the customer journey.”

In the announcement, NWD outlined several benefits of the initiative. The main advantage is sharing of information between all parties and eliminating the paperwork.

There is often a lot of back-and-forth between the banker and the attorney. Instead, the data will be available through the blockchain. NWD estimates it will save service providers 47 hours of work.

First-time buyers will often receive quotes from multiple mortgage providers. For each application, there is the hassle of providing paperwork. Using the blockchain platform and with the buyer’s permission, an encrypted interim agreement is sent to each bank. NWD estimates this will save buyers six hours of work.

In addition, buyers need to verify their identity for all parties involved. Instead of doing this for each party, using blockchain, buyers can provide their data once and then grant access to their encrypted data.

Buying a property involves many steps and a lot of communication between the buyer and the attorney to track progress. By sharing data, the new system will help all parties track the entire process and provide additional notifications to buyers about important dates.


In the United Kingdom, the land registry ran a registration test, and RBS and Barclays participated in a trial using blockchain to complete property purchases. The Mexican Land Registry is also working on blockchain, and the Dubai Land Department launches blockchain mortgage registration with Mashreq Bank

Alternative investment platform Harbor has tokenized a $100 million real estate fund on Ethereum for iCap Equity.


A Paris building worth 6.5 million Euros has been tokenized based on Ethereum into 10 token pieces, and each of those pieces is further divided into 100,000 smaller units. That means each token piece is worth 6.5 Euros.


One of the most famous blockchain startups in the real estate sector is Propy, which has run several projects to record property-related transactions on a blockchain. It acts as a blockchain registry for real estate and anyone can buy properties on the platform’s marketplace. It aims to encrypt real estate but says on its website “one of the most difficult things to do will be encrypting legal rights, due to property law.”

I hope that you gained a lot of knowledge from the above article and made a sensible investment decision.

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