Hey, I can understand how you can have misconstrued my statement for hysterical hyperbole.
Philipp Markolin

Fair enough. I appreciate the patient clarification.

What I see when I read “We are born to be easily manipulated” is a sort of determinism and inevitability. The rest of your words are an argument for the fact that we must safeguard against such manipulation… in effect, that it is not inevitable if you work to be prepared and stay vigilant.

And with that thought, perhaps we can agree that a nice middle ground wording that would discard inevitability is that the default state for human mind is “subject to manipulation, unless…”.

I’m sure you like your words just the way you wrote them and I appreciate you hearing me out and not ignoring me because (validly from your perspective…) I’m just some schmo on the interwebs who doesn’t even use his real name.

Much love,

Unicorn Flags

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