The Weight of The Last Straw
Graeme Seabrook

I do not know you but I am an observer about humans so this may be unwelcome or completely off the mark. Feel free to ignore.

You are right to protect your self-respect. However, I suspect that many years from now you will look back upon this moment and you will observe that it was one where you also let resentment get the better of you and that your response is not congruent with self-respect in the long term.

It seems like you are hurt and offended by your vague situation and, in the process, you are swearing off a lot of people. The fact of swearing them off means they have more impact than you would like on your self-conception. It means that their slights and offenses mean more to your self-respect than you wish was the case.

It happens to the best of us.

Take this break you’re giving yourself. It seems like the right thing for you in this moment. Much like a person who swears off dating for a while because they’ve had a few too many bad ones in a row. But do bear in mind that, usually, the thing that most needs adjustment is something you carry with you everywhere you go.