Ideologically, our goals for social justice and equality might be laudable, but tactically… our methods have just been shown to be woefully ineffective.
The Broken Left
Jamie Dallas

Disconnect Ends and Means? Or Ill-Defined Ends…

It sounds like you’re saying that the ends are good but the means are bad.

However the ends remain unknown. No one has identified a clear end-game for Black Lives Matter nor for the reflexive smearing of anyone who doesn’t believe Islam is 100% a religion of peace as bigotted and Islamophobic.

So I agree with your gist only in one sense… we, who are people who believe that human suffering caused by unjust systematic constructions that we didn’t choose, wish it didn’t have to be (and acknowledge that it doesn’t have to be… Yes the escalator has stopped but we can walk off of it). This is more of a sentiment than a rational position and most certainly does not supply a pragmatic end-game.

Part of the failing of the intellectual leaders of the left is that they do not identify the end game. Maybe this is by-design rather than by-omission. They seem to enjoy moving the goal posts.

It seems to me that BLM will not stop until all white people understand their ancestral guilt and slap the morality chains onto themselves and finally stop oppressing people. (This is neither here nor there to me, I am not white but I have a hard time not calling out a scam when I see one.)

I don’t think there is a huge break between ends and means here because the “ends” keep changing when they are defined at all.