As a rule, I don’t.
Jack Preston King

Jack! Thanks for the lengthy reply. I think you’re right about Experience being a key formative aspect of the human psyche. It really does move mountains in terms of broadening perspective or shifting it. It has more capability to change minds than logic for a couple of reasons:

  1. Not everyone can follow logic. Some are really unpracticed at it, others think of logic as word games having nothing to do with the nature of reality. (#1 and #2 in how I define philosophy)
  2. A lot of people are purposefully guarded about letting argumentation reach them, especially when they are having a conversation with someone that they deem is ideologically opposed to their current world view. They will cross their arms and “hear” without listening. This is a feature of being human. What is amazing that Experience has the capability of slipping past a person’s guardedness and reaching them more directly. The shifts can be profound.

I think that Fiction comes closer to being an Experience than logical argumentation does. So I’ve been trying to suggest to people that they might write some fiction instead of arguing with one another.