Cant deliver

Dont expect from me anytime soon.. I may not deliver

A thought that keeps pondering my head…been there, done that. Results? Unsatisfaction to your expectations could be and probably would be the result.

We weren’t planted in the same field of dreams, yet have been planted in similar soil. Note I did say similar, not the same..

Share….that I can do, become one ?Only when I no longer exist between the habitants, then I can be and will be : only with the dust, the dirt, the wind when my journey has been concluded.

See, you can not: the true intentions of my soul for the light that shines blinds your sight…take another moment of your time with me…undress your soul as mine that walks this earth. Go beyond my hair,my eyes, my height and physical aspect. …try to understand this is a vehicle of transportation that I have been locked in.

I have become one with the universe that seizes me each moment as I walk this earth.

It has stolen my senses to a dimension I yet have discovered words to describe the journey that it has taken me into, upon and beyond. It has given me the freeness I longed for yet wasnt aware of .

It has shown me in time where true essence is …free of cost in its unconditional love. It has converted me with its true colors..with intense colors that are so deep that they are pastel. It continues to show me that no matter how much I may and can give, you continue being blind because your soul is dressed by things I have no use of nor for.

Commodities are a way of living and surely are a blessing of hard work but I feel much more with less…the lightness of nudity just keeps me free…it crept into me and has forever been imbedded.

I love our differences and rages of passion which are not alike. Its because of these differences that we have grown and I am and will forever be free…

I am committed to be with no strings attached…to unfold into life by what moves my inner me…to be…not to be enslaved by anyone’s expectation : Time teaches you your best will never be enough: they will be seen as only efforts and with an entanglements of “ if’s” by the want of more : losing the priceless part of its true colors.

So excuse me not for not delivering. .. I can only continue to be good in what I kind of know , because of the lessons and experiences : i am in evolution of noting my faults into a greater good…

walking naked thru life yet being tried to be dressed by a clothing that is not mine.

NSA for life