Unfortunately I imagine that is just going to get worse because of all of this attempt by the left…
Kyle Plate

It’s not “Russia” and Russians that are a problem, it Putin & Co. Klepto Oligarchy seemingly running everything out of Lubyanka Square that has caused discomfort and concern. Furthermore, Americans are not alone in their distaste for that bunch as there seem to be a large number of people all across Russia who are willing to face a severe beating or worse to publicly denounce them and actively seek their “retirement”.

For when people take to the street to protest knowing full well the risk, that is a loud statement that something is clearly wrong and needs adjustment.

Regarding the “left” in USA that would include people like Sen. John McCain given how far to the right the majority of the right has gone, literally into fascist territory.

Additionally, there is nothing imaginary about the FSB’s recent work in the USA and the mounting pile of evidence of their interesting relationship with an alarming number of people in and close to Trump, including his son-in-law.

Eventually, it will all see the light of day.

Personally, I have a few Russian friends who only speak in whispers of their distaste for Putin and his crowd and find all that has happened in Russia under Putin an embarrassment, bemoaning the fact that Russians squandered a chance for real freedom, choosing once again the “Strong Man” model of leadership over real democracy.

So there is a bigger picture here that ought to be considered.

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