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Most of the lawmakers in DC don’t have any idea what they vote on and are highly dependent on staff who just happen to be special interest retreads.

I give what I believe is a good amount of money to politicians I want to win, because I know that will get my phone calls returned and letters answered.

I called my House Rep one time and spoke to him about a very important bill being rushed through that essentially was designed to gut Dodd-Frank. When I really pressed him he admitted knowing nothing about it and was going on the advice of a staffer… whose principle duty was fund raising! In other words, the Rep was just following orders from the BIG MONEY.

Having worked at the state capital in Sacramento for the then Speaker I witnessed how money works. Lobbyists wearing thousand dollar suits just walk into lawmakers offices as if they own them, which of course they do.

Today it is much worse given that the Koch political machine is actually larger, better staffed and funded than the Republican Party itself.

Think about that. One family essentially owns and controls the United States House of Representatives.

There is no doubt in my mind that they are the problem.

Furthermore, their grip on the system is so strong that they don’t care anymore about being subtle.

So, in politics, it is always about the money, follow it.

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