Those monuments of some truly great men
I don’t know about lynching people but it is profoundly sad.
TX Kevin

The confederacy and its act of war was the most grievous act of Treason in the history of the United States of America.

The confederacy and its war were all about the preservation of the wealth of the 0.1%, the richest people in the USA, the plantation owners. Emancipation was clearly coming their way, it was only a matter of time.

Cotton Industry Trade Journals of the day began speaking about the risk of emancipation and what it would mean for business. The industry opinion was that it was inevitable. Cotton was at its peak and in extremely high demand from English mills and it seems some began stockpiling anticipating supply disruption. All of that obviously was not lost among the 0.1%.

So, down South, the 0.1% co-opted the Baptist religion and formed the Southern Baptist Convention(SBC) for the purpose of selling the confederacy and war to poor white folks, convincing them to fight and die to protect the wealth of the 0.1%.

This has been publicly admitted by the SBC and is part of their official history.

The Treasonous war perpetrated by the confederacy was primarily about the money of the few at the expense of the many and in turn slavery which was key to making the money.

Those who seek to glorify Treason by honoring the criminals who perpetrated the act are ignorant of the history, unpatriotic or worse.

Consequently, it would be an act of patriotism to rid the country of any form of glorification of that most Treasonous time in our history.

We need to get rid of it all.