Plastic bag levy from a service design perspective

No article on plastic is complete without a mandatory image of plastic waste, or a sea turtle getting with a plastic bag on its head. Photo by Brian Yurasits

I went to a convenient store and bought a few bottles of drink today. At the checkout line, the cashier asked:

Confused, I asked why I should do that.

Introducing the plastic bag levy

I live in Hong Kong, and there is a plastic bag charging policy where consumers have to pay a small fee for plastic bags. This, however, comes with a few exemptions:

  1. Food without packaging (i.e. …


睇呢篇文章之前睇咗迪士尼嘅14 (12+2) 大動畫原則先,先理解概念再睇點實踐:


Squash and Stretch 擠壓與伸展




咩叫誇張化?睇返唔同嘅動畫,大部份動作都會使用到好多誇張化嘅Squash and Stretch技巧,例如Tom and Jerry入面其中一幕咁



咁喺 …

Raymond Yiu Nam Wong

@unicornspilot - I drive experiences

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