Would Ferguson have happened if it were a white female police officer?

According to Officer Darren Wilson, things got ugly when he told Michael Brown to get out of the middle of the road. In response, Brown had some words for him, “Fuck, what you have to say.” Don’t we all have choice words like this time to time? Have you ever flipped someone off or called them an asshole while driving? I have. Life is about name-calling, but we don’t shoot people six times over name-calling. Scratch that, we just did.

I thought about Wilson’s side of the story, and as someone obsessed with context, I wanted to know exactly what started it. What happened to have a dead 18-year-old and a nation flocking to Facebook with updates, hashtags and links of outrage instead of photos of babies eating cake. Name calling. That’s what started this whole thing and it led me to questions about gender and race.

Has the white male ever been called a name? Have they ever been called a slut? Do they consistently worry about walking home late at night by themselves? Have they ever been paid less than a woman for the same job?

What has the white male had experience with? Respect. They were born into it. Being born into has its consequences, the respect is assumed, and it’s “warranted” for some. Take for example the rape at UVA by seven fraternity brothers. Rape is an act of power and what is the most ultimate sign of power, respect. Further illustrating this idea that some men feel entitled to respect, is Instagram feed “Bye Felipe” , where women share their online dating exchanges with men who feel entitled.

Do women do this? Do women become aggressively hurtful when they don’t get what they want? Do they put someone down when they feel their ego has been compromised? Sure, some do, but walk down any health and beauty aisle at Walgreen’s and you’ll see shelves of products suggesting we aren’t good enough. Our ego isn’t automatically set to “yes, you are right.” Women are born with the silver spoon of “keep trying”. As in “keep trying” and you’ll get paid as much as a male. “Keep trying” and you’ll be pretty enough. “Keep trying” and you’ll be a mother and a career woman. With this mantra, our ego is a bit less baked than our male counterparts. I’m not saying women aren’t egotistical, we are, but our ego can take blows. And does it. Women who birth children know first hand about the ego blow to the body, we are literally configured to go through an experience that alters our bodies. We know the “imperfect” state that society deems us, but do white males? Sure their bodies morph and they feel the social pressure to make a certain amount, look a certain way but they still have wiggle room. Wiggle room for that ego to take hold.

What is the percentage of white male police officers nation wide? Sure our country is predominantly white but what’s the ratio of white male nurses to females/non-white? What’s the ratio of white male teachers to non-white/female? One could deduce that white males WANT to be cops. They want to protect and serve their community. Non-white and females don’t feel the need? Hmmmmm…

What set off the events was a mouth off from Michael Brown to a highly charged ego machine who has been taught to show zero vulnerability. Set aside the fact that Michael Brown robbed a store, and allegedly threw punches at Officer Wilson, the real catalyst was a blow to the ego, “ Fuck, what you have to say,” it was all Brown had to say. Guys let’s talk.

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